Traveling can be stressful, and even the most well-versed travelers could use a hand along the way. Luckily, with your smartphone in hand, you have a world of information at your fingertips. Here are some of the best apps to have while traveling:


If you’re traveling to any metropolitan area, Uber is a must-have! Using this app (and your phones roaming plan or local Wi-Fi) you’ll be able to call a car to pick you up, and deliver you to your destination. Part of the benefit of using Uber over a taxi is that payment is automatically taken from your credit card. This means that Uber users don’t have to carry around as much cash as they head out for a day of sightseeing. Also, if you’re worried your driver may not understand your accent as you try to navigate your way around a foreign country, you’re in luck, because Uber allows its passengers to manually type in their destination so that misunderstandings won’t happen.

Google Translate

Speaking of getting lost in translation, don’t forget to download the Google Translate app on your phone prior to arrival. From ordering a coffee, to translating explanatory texts at the museum, you’ll be glad you have your translation app handy with its powerful technology. Some handy tidbits about this app include photo recognition, so you can quickly snap a photo of the menu at a cute Italian café to read it in English on your Android of iOS phone. Worried about roaming fees? Download the language package for your destination country while you have Wi-Fi and then use it on the go without Internet connection.


VPN apps plays two purposes no traveler can go without.  Not only does it encrypt your connection, preventing hacking through shared WiFi, it can also bypass internet censorship, allowing access to geo-locked content.  Among the many providers, ExpressVPN would be the one I’d recommend due to its reliability and speed.  However, you should download the VPN app before you depart if you are traveling to a censorship-prone country.

XE Currency

Math not your strong suit? You no longer have to worry about accidentally spending more than planned when you have the XE Currency app on your phone. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and it works without access to Internet

Flight Stats

Download this handy little app to keep track of all info related to your flight. It’s actual departure time, gate, terminal; it’s all there in an easy to use, comprehensive way.


Great for travelers on a budget! This member’s only app asks for a subscription fee of USD$9.99 per month, but the idea is that you’ll make this back in savings. The app notifies users of drops in flight ticket prices due to flash sales, error pricing or other price drops.


Another great app for travelers hoping to score a deal, Skiplagged works on the concept of ‘hidden city’ traveling. Sometimes, it’s cheaper to buy a ticket to a different destination, with the actual city you’re heading to being a stop-over. You of course, stay at your stop-over destination rather than continuing with the next flight, and you save money!

Take a few minutes to download these handy apps to ensure smooth sailing on your next trip. Bon voyage!