Park Guell is one of the top places you should consider when drafting your list of what to see and do in Barcelona

Of all the cities in Europe, Barcelona is among the most loved. With a considerable collection of well-crafted buildings, an amazing food culture, and a nightlife that keeps going until sunrise, it is not hard to understand why this Catalonian city is so popular.

Accordingly, you have decided to pay this place a visit during your vacation this summer. If you are wondering what places you should visit, this article will go over several which will help you make the most of your time here.

However, it is worth noting when you visit any major city for the first time, getting from the airport to your accommodation can be one of your biggest concerns.

Why put your comfort in the hands of some random taxi when you could be transported to your hotel by a professional driver committed to your comfort and safety?

When it comes to arranging transport from Barcelona airport, pre-booking a private car will be well worth the premium you pay for this service.

With this PSA out of the way, let’s get to talking about the Barcelona attractions that you shouldn’t miss on your first trip to Barcelona.

1) Sagrada Familia

Renowned architect Antoni Gaudi was responsible for designing a number of stunning structures throughout Barcelona, but of them all, the Sagrada Familia was his tour de force.

Builders executing his plans are only now putting the finishing touches on his masterful cathedral, marking over 134 years since the cornerstone was laid.

With another ten years remaining until completion, you will find construction workers here during your visit, but they won’t detract from the amazing features which have long since been completed.

Blending Gothic and Art Nouveau design elements with Gaudi’s unique style, it is a church unlike any other that you will see in Europe.

2) Park Guell

Want to explore more of Antoni Gaudi’s brilliance? Delve deeper into his architectural art and connect with nature at the same time by paying a visit to Park Guell.

From buildings at the entrance that showcase his Tim Burton-esque style of construction to terraces that grant visitors some of the best views in Barcelona, you will be taken by his ability to blend natural and human design elements in a harmonious fashion.

3) Relax on Nova Icaria Beach

Barcelona enjoys long summers, giving residents and visitors alike plenty of excuses to spend time on its numerous beautiful beaches.

Each beach is best suited to different crowds: if you are looking for one with a quiet, family-friendly vibe, you will love Nova Icaria Beach.

Its central location in the middle of Barcelona is another plus, as you won’t have to spend a fortune on transport to get to and from this place.

Wondering about amenities? With a playground, a ping-pong table and volleyball courts, there is plenty to distract you and your children when lying around under the sun or playing in the waves get boring.