At Arlo SoHo Hotel NYC, we’ve guided thousands of guests to museums that fit their desires and personalities. There are dozens of museums in the city, each with their own quirks and highlights. And most museums also feature a guilty pleasure known as the museum store. It’s the perfect place to grab some souvenirs and helps to support the museum’s existence.

One of our favorite museum stores is perhaps the most famous—the MoMa Design Store. This iconic destination personifies modern NYC style. There’s something here for every taste and budget. The store delights the senses with color and texture. We encourage our guests to allocate a good 20 to 30 minutes for just this store, because there are so many amazing finds and great gifts.

For math fans (there’s a lot more than you think), we suggest Additions at the National Museum of Mathematics. This quirky store features multiple books, puzzles, and games that have challenged some of the most advanced math minds in history. There’s also math-themed pendants or earrings, and an array of apparel that lets you proudly display your love of math and museum support.

Heading back to the art realm, we turn to the Store at MAD. The Museum of Art and Design’s store features hundreds of pieces that can turn any household into a study of chic design. The store’s jewelry collection is especially robust, and features work from many top designers who bring their unique ideas to pendants, necklaces, and everything in between.

Kids of all ages will enjoy the American Museum of Natural History Stores. They can find pocket telescopes, cool NASA shirts, posters, and other gifts that showcase their love of the natural world. It has everything including an astronaut duvet cover, Albert Einstein plush dolls, and a “Dino Store” section dedicated to just dinosaur items.

The next time you’re staying with us at Arlo SoHo Hotel NYC, we hope you have time to visit some of these museum stores to grab a memento or gift that will spark conversation and memories for years to come.