It goes without saying that most cats prefer staying in their comfort zone than moving around. This could also be the main reason why they tend to fuss a lot when traveling.

Nevertheless, if you are planning on traveling with your cat, experts suggest a little preparation could help. You can start by giving your pet short car rides around your area a day before the main trip.

This will give your feline a better traveling experience and help them cope with long-distance travel. It is also relatively important that your kitty stays in the carrier during the trip for safety. Here are some tips you can consider when you want to travel with cats in your car.

  • Talk with your Veterinarian

Traveling can be a major cause of anxiety in most pets. If your feline suffers from traveling anxiety, consider talking to your vet to see if medication is necessary.

Your vet might recommend some sedatives to keep your pet sedated throughout the journey. This will surely keep your cat calm and make the trip safer and less stressful.

Likewise, carsickness is common in some cats and you might also need a pill for that. Well, make sure to give it to your cat before the trip for it to be effective.

  • Have a cat carrier

It is important to keep your cat in a carrier every time you travel. Most felines cannot tolerate being in a moving gadget hence a carrier provides a safe space for you and your pet.

A free looming kitten may gush suddenly in case of an accident or get severely hurt by the airbag. The key is to ensure that the carrier is a happy space for your animal. You can include some soft blankets to make it more comfortable and a toy.

Likewise, the crate should be well-ventilated and spacious enough for your pussycat to move around. Also, ensure that the carrier is well fastened on the car seat to avoid hurting your kitty when you hit the bump.

  • Pack the right gear

Your kitty will require a litter box for their bathroom breaks. Disposable litter boxes are the best option when traveling and can be placed strategically on the car floor.

You will also be required to carry a cat collar with your contact, name, and address on it just in case your cat gets lost and someone finds them, they can reach out to you.

Other essentials you will need for your pussycat include pet wipes, a litter scoop, packed meals, water bowls, catnip among others. Find a few ideas here

  • Plan where to stay

Before your journey begins you need to plan on where you will be staying during your trip. You may choose between a hotel, tent, trailer, car, or camping.

Whatever option you choose, know that each has its challenges when traveling with pussycats. Should it be a hotel, go for one that welcomes pets. Some hotels will only allow dogs, while others allow both.

Consider checking various hotel websites or call pet-oriented organizations for details on cat-friendly destinations. Also, inquire about the number of animals allowed, the restrictions, whether your kitty can be left alone in the room and if there are any extra fees for the pets.

  • Keep them cool

Just like humans, cats thrive better in a cool and conducive environment. You cannot leave your pet in the car when it is hot.

For example, if you are running errands that do not allow you to move with your cat, you will have to tag someone along to take care of your kitty.

Your feline may risk getting a heat stroke when left in a hot car. Alternatively, you can choose to do your errands at sunset when it is cooler. Plus, ensure your animal to keep your animal hydrated on a hot day.

  • Plenty of rest stops

Make frequent rest stops to allow your kitty to stretch a bit and poop or urinate. This will keep them less fussy and tired from the long trip. It will also give you plenty of time to bond with your pet during the trip. However, make sure they have their I.D on during the stop overs.

  • Don’t ever leave your pet alone in a car

As mentioned, temperatures inside your car may arise suddenly which can be dangerous for your pet. If you stop to east, carry your cat with you in a crate or rather find an open park to eat. Alternatively, you could get your meals at a drive-through to avoid leaving the car. Make sure your cat is never left unattended.

  • Bring your cat’s favorite stuff

If your cat has a favorite bed, toy, blanket, or any other item they love having around, ensure to carry it with you. They will feel more secure and safe knowing that they have something familiar with them. Click here to read more.


Traveling with your skittish kitty can be messy especially on a long-distance. However, with proper preparation, this is manageable. Experts recommend creating a friendly environment for your pet, similar to what they are used to back home. For example, if your cat is used to playing with a boneless fish toy, ensure to include that in your ride. Also, stick to your cat’s feeding and bathroom breaks routine. Still, if you are not sure of what to do, you can consult with your vet to see what options are available. Plus, don’t forget to reward your kitty’s good behavior with a treat.