There are many reasons why New York City plays host to hundreds of thousands of tourists each and every year. There are an abundance of landmarks and attractions of historical and political significance to visit and more entertainment than visitors can choose from.

Whether you intend to visit NYC for business or pleasure, you are undoubtedly going to have some sightseeing on your agenda. Because of this, it is highly likely that you will want to choose a hotel for yourself that is located in an area that is convenient for the sort of sightseeing that you want to enjoy.

However, the fact of the matter is that NYC has a large number of hotels all throughout the city to choose from. This can make finding the right hotel for you a bit of an overwhelming task. 

Many people make the biggest mistake when they visit the Big Apple is choosing a hotel purely based on cost alone. There are so many other factors that should play into the decision about where you are going to stay on your visit.

Firstly, you can expect to pay a fair amount for your accommodations in NYC, so make sure that you budget things accordingly. You want to make sure that you are both comfortable and conveniently situated for your stay. It is also a good idea to find a hotel that has a solid restaurant on sight and perhaps even a coffee bar. Most importantly, though, proximity to public transportation should weigh in heavily on your decision.

With that in mind, here are five quality hotels in NYC to choose from that checks all of these boxes and more for your trip to the Big Apple.

1. The Westgate Resort New York Grand Central

The historic Westgate Resort New York Grand Central offers guests everything from comfort and style to location and convenience.

The Westgate Resort New York Grand Central is ideally situated incredibly close to Grand Central Station NYC. This means that you will be able to get anywhere that you need to go throughout the city with ease and convenience.

Furthermore, those hoping to enjoy a bit of NYC history will love the story behind the Westgate and its surrounding area. The story of Tudor City is one that is incredibly fascinating, and the Westgate is proud of its history. All you have to do is ask a member of staff for some information about how the hotel that stands there today came about.

The other benefits of staying at the Westgate Resort are that you will be able to enjoy free parking, a rare find in NYC, as well as spacious and comfortable rooms. You will be situated conveniently close to the Empire State Building and other central NYC attractions and the Grand Central Station NYC, in addition to plenty of great food options.

2. Mandarin Oriental, New York

Style, elegance, and comfort come together in the 202-room Mandarin Oriental, New York Hotel.

Regardless of why you are visiting NYC, you will certainly enjoy a stay at the Mandarin Oriental New York Hotel. This hotel is located in Manhattan, meaning that you will be able to take advantage of all that this neighborhood has to offer. 

This is the type of hotel that will allow you to truly immerse yourself in the New York experience. The views afforded by virtually every window in the building are stunning and will have you in a NY state of mind.

Nearby, you will find everything from world-class shopping and dining to the top entertainment on Broadway. You will also be able to access subway stations that can take you to any of the other NYC attractions that you have on your to-do list for your stay. 

One of the best features of this hotel is that it is a calm, peaceful environment in which to stay. This means that even though you will be spending all day out and about in the craziness of the city, you will be able to relax and unwind at night so you can be fresh and ready for the day ahead.

3. The Wyndham New Yorker Hotel

As a member of the Wyndham family, you can trust in the quality of your stay at The New Yorker.

With a name like The New Yorker, it is safe to say that a stay at this Wyndham hotel will help you to truly experience all that the Big Apple has to offer. The glowing red neon sign of this hotel can be seen from a ways off, letting you know that your stay in NYC has finally begun.

The views you will get out of your room window will take your breath away, for starters. The proximity to Penn Station is a particularly attractive feature as it means that you will be able to have access to public transportation in order to get to any part of the city that you want to see.

Another fascinating aspect of staying at The New Yorker is that you are going to be staying in a location that epitomizes the best of the 1930’s glam in which this Wyndham hotel was originally constructed and conceptualized.

You will be greeted by one of the grandest lobbies that you can imagine, complete with an impressive chandelier and marble floors. The rooms and suites are spacious and comfortable and are complete with all of the modern comforts that you would expect from a Wyndham hotel.

4. Four Seasons Hotel New York

The name recognition that the Four Seasons has among travelers across the country will pretty much guarantee your comfort during your stay in NYC.

The Four Seasons Hotel New York is part of one of the most recognizable hotel chains in the country. This is because of their commitment to providing guests with the comfort and quality that they seek during their stay.

Situated between Park Avenue and Madison Avenue, you will be just a few short steps away from Central Park and many other NYC attractions. Furthermore, there will also be several subway stations nearby so that you can go a bit further out if you so wish.

If you are ready and willing to splurge a bit on your stay in the Big Apple, then you can set yourself up for a five-star experience that you won’t soon forget. Your views will be of Central Park, and you will also be able to see all the way to the Hudson River.

The rooms themselves are incredibly spacious and include all of the comforts that you would expect from a Four Seasons hotel. There is also a spa on-site that offers a range of relaxing treatments that you won’t want to pass on during your stay in NYC.

Lastly, you will be impressed right from the start of your stay by the beautiful architecture of this building. Designed in the art-deco style by famed architect I. M. Pei, you will feel like royalty when you book your stay at the Four Seasons New York.

5. ModernHaus SoHo

What was once called The James Hotel, ModernHaus SoHo has a great deal to offer guests looking for a clean, modern space to call home based on your stay in NYC.

The boutique hotel known as ModernHaus SoHo might be familiar to some who might have stayed at The James Hotel. Now under a new name and new ownership, ModernHaus offers guests modern, comfortable rooms complete with unique art throughout the hotel.

Since you will be staying in SoHo, you will have no shortage of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. There are plenty of art galleries to wander through as well as a vibrant culture to take in. This part of NYC is renowned for a reason, and your stay at ModernHaus is your first step to discovering its charm firsthand.

The 114-room hotel also has a hip rooftop bar called Jimmy, where you can sit and take in the views of the NYC skyline as well as the Hudson River. Just make sure to be prepared to wait a bit for a seat as this bar is the place to be for guests and locals alike. You will also love the fact that there is great coffee offered on sight as well as some great food options. 

There is plenty to do in SoHo that will help you to fill out your itinerary for your stay in NYC, and you will easily be able to access all of the other NYC tourist attractions that you will undoubtedly want to see.