Bingo is without a doubt one of the most popular games of luck that is not just widely played in the UK, but in different countries around the world too. However, there’s this notion that this game is only for retired grandmothers who spend their afternoons or nights with other elderly women at the Bingo hall. With all the exciting games out there, many people think that Bingo would not give younger players the same fun.

The Stats Say Otherwise

The statistics from different studies that were conducted on the demographics of Bingo players debunk the misconception about stereotypical Bingo players. You would be surprised that while it is thought that only old women play the game, the majority of players are actually of a younger age range, especially in the United Kingdom. Most players in the UK are women between 20 to 25 years old, while the average age range of players around the world is lower than 50 years old. And yes, it’s not just women that play it, but men too.

Bingo Revolutionized

The game, once believed to be boring and only for retirees, has been revolutionized by the advancement of technology. This has made it more appealing to a younger audience, who are abreast of the latest when it comes to this area. When talking about technology, no one could argue that computers, mobile phones and the Internet are some of the best inventions. Their continuous development has made Bingo increase in popularity.

Instead of going to Bingo halls, players can now play their favourite game online from their computers. There are several Bingo sites that they can choose from. You can even play online Bingo free without logging in – on Bingo sites that offer practice games or games for fun. This will give you a taste of the game without money involved. You could also sign up for an account on these sites and still play online Bingo free using the free tokens or coins that most of these sites give to new users. Aside from this welcome bonus, other bonuses and promotions are also typically offered.

Since smartphones and tablets can now connect to the Internet, Bingo apps have also been created so people can play using their devices anytime and anywhere they want. They no longer have to set a specific afternoon or night for a game at the Bingo hall as this game can now be played instantly online. You could play it during your break at work, while on the bus or in a taxi, or while waiting for your turn at your dental appointment. There’s also a social feature to it as players from around the world can chat with each other.

If you are playing Bingo or you wish to play the game but you are afraid of being typecast as boring and old-fashioned, you don’t have to worry about this because things have changed. It’s a fun game that people of all ages play!

Image source: (Graphics Mouse)