Any cigar lover will tell you that there’s nothing worse than trying to smoke one that’s been sat on! If you don’t take good care of them, that’s exactly what your smokes will look like. You need to pack them carefully when going out on your travels. Whether you’re heading across town or venturing further afield, many of us pack our cigars for our trip as a way to relax and unwind.

If you’re going away for business or pleasure, having your cigars at hand will elevate your experience. Those heading on their first trip with cigars, here are some crucial tips on how to travel with them safely.

Cigars Are Fragile

You can look at cigars like you would with a sponge – except for the quality. A sponge returns its shape after it has been compressed or stepped on, whereas cigars react to temperature and moisture, meaning they will absorb a myriad of tastes and aromas from the environment they are kept in. Bear this in mind before bringing your cigars on a trip.

Perhaps you have one evening set aside on your family vacation to enjoy a special, quality cigar. If this is the case, you should check out Tobacco Pipes. They sell a wide range of quality Arturo Fuente Cigars that are the perfect accompaniment for your trip away. Just remember, an Arturo Fuente cigar doesn’t come cheap, so remember how fragile they are!

Pack Your Cigars with Care

We cannot stress this enough. You need to pack your cigars correctly! They don’t fare well if you squish them into an over-stuffed suitcase, nor is it a good idea to put them in a compartment with too much excess space to bounce or roll around. To solve these problems, you should consider investing in a quality cigar travel case. This allows you to store all your precious smokes that you plan to bring on the road with you.

Travel cigar cases range from breast pocket sleeves that house a few cigars, all the way up to a travel humidor that keeps your smokes at the right humidity. While the latter may seem a little extreme, especially if you are only an occasional cigar smoker. However, you need to keep in mind they come in all kinds of sizes, including smaller humidors that hold roughly 5 cigars. These can be easily placed in a small backpack.

Traveling with Cigars on a Plane

If you’re going on vacation overseas, you’ll likely need to hop on a plane to ferry you from A to B. Taking your cigars on board isn’t really a big deal. However, it will require a little more preparation. This is because you don’t want to have your lighter or cutter confiscated because you forgot to take them out of your pockets before navigating through security!

We all know how stressful airports can be, so it’s important that any of these materials are taken out of your carry-on luggage before sending them through the conveyor belt. This will save a load of hassle and ensure you catch your flight!

Take Your Cigars as Carry-On

For those only going on a short trip, it’s wise to take your cigars as carry-on luggage, rather than checked baggage. If you plan to smoke your cigars within a couple of days of departure, chances are your cigars will be absolutely fine inside a Ziplock bag. Just make sure it has a substantial seal. If you need your cigars to last for 7 days or longer, it’s advised to pick up a humidity pouch. This gives your cigars access to adequate humidity levels.

If you take your cigars onto the aircraft inside a carry-on, this will help keep your smokes safe and secure, meaning you can arrive at your destination knowing they’re intact and ready to be enjoyed. Should you house them in checked luggage, your cigars will be exposed to all sorts of temperature fluctuations that is not ideal. Cigars can contract and expand as a result of atmospheric changes, and your cigar’s wrapper can crack as a result. In general, the plane’s cabin conditions are far more stable for your cigars. If you’re coming home with several suitcases, it may not be feasible to carry your cigars onboard. Therefore, being mindful of how you pack them in your luggage is key.

The great news is, once you’ve read all our suggestions and put together a solid cigar travel kit, you will be prepared to take your cigars on any trip you venture on in the future. When you factor in how much money you spend on them, you need to take excellent care of your smokes.

Before you head anywhere, just make sure you check whether you can bring your cigars with you. The last thing you want is to find your cigars get confiscated!