Many young people believe that their dream job is a career in the gaming industry. Some of them would love to be paid for playing their favourite games professionally.

It’s a hard path mainly because it’s a very crowded area. Most successful career gamers have prepared well before they carved out a career in this sought-after niche. Here you can read some tips that help you learn how to become a professional gamer, or to follow another profession in this field.

Start a Career in Professional Gambling

One of the most profitable paths that you can follow is to become a professional gambler. Some casino games can be very profitable if you know how to play them well. Your first step is to find free casino games online to start training.

According to the expert Daniel Bennet, you need some perseverance to make a career as a gambler. First, you need to understand how the games work. Then, use that advantage in your favour. He affirms that most people don’t know how to get into gambling because they ignore the math behind the games.

For starters, avoid slots and other games which are solely based on luck. It’s impossible to predict when you will win, playing them. You should pick a game with fixed probabilities such as Blackjack.

Read all the tutorials online that you can find and practice a lot. In time, you will start to understand how to beat the game. That’s when you can start hitting casinos and making a fortune

It’s undoubtedly a risky way to earn money because you won’t be able to turn this into a profession if you don’t win, but you don’t need to involve anyone else to thrive on this path.

Play Games for a Living as a Professional ESport Athlete

If you’re not a gambler, you can also make money by playing games as an esports athlete. The payment can really good, around $60,000 yearly, to play video games.

In this case, the competition is pretty heavy, though. You’re not only playing against the house but against a horde of other people who love the game just like you do.

You need to train constantly if you want to be good enough to rank well. Don’t think that you can get away with training just a few hours. Most serious esports players train at least six to eight hours every day. Yes, they are having fun but also working hard.

The secret in how to pursue a gaming career in esports is to pick a single game and understand everything about it. You need to know all the popular tactics, get to know the characters, the mechanics, basically everything. This knowledge will set you apart from casual players.

Also, you should train your reflexes to react quickly. Not even an encyclopedia of knowledge is enough if you can’t shoot fast or focus on a different part of the battlefield quickly.

After you get into a team or find a sponsor, your career in playing games can finally get started for real. Don’t expect to become rich overnight, but it’s possible to live comfortably if you manage to play consistently.

Become a Streamer

How to become a professional gamer if you don’t think that you can manage to be a star player? You can always be a streamer. That’s not to say that streamers don’t need talent. They just don’t need to know how to play games as well as athletes or professional gamblers.

In this case, you need two things: charisma and vast knowledge of different games. This is a profession more akin to being an entertainer than a competitor. It’s possible to play even single-player gamers if the audiences love you.

You need to stand out, though. There are over 7.4 million streamers today, so you will be just a new person in the crowd when you start. The main tip is to find your niche and start building a reputation as quickly as possible.

While charisma is not necessarily an easy skill to develop, if you’re shy, knowledge about games is probably something that you already have. The secret is to lean on this expertise when you pick a niche and find your audience.


It’s possible to find many ways in how to pursue a gaming career. Find the one that is best suited for you and work hard to achieve your dream. If you get really good, you can become famous and live a great life doing something that you love.