Imagine drinking one of the best bottles of water you’ve ever tasted and then being told by a friend that the water comes from Hawaii. Your first reaction may be to ask, “Are you serious?” If you’re drinking Waiakea Water bottled water, then yes, your friend is serious. And they’re right. Let’s take a look at where Waiakea Water gets its Hawaiian water.

The company gets its bottled water from an area that is southwest of Hilo, a quiet town located on Hawaii’s Big Island. This area is more than 2,000 miles away from the closest industrial landmass. In addition, it is surrounded by ocean water spanning millions of square miles. In other words, the company’s water source is an isolated area where you can expect ultimate purity.

Waiakea Water goes through natural volcanic filtration to deliver its pure, high-quality, and delectable water to its customers. Snowmelt and rainwater from arctic trade winds essentially pass through the porous rock of the Mauna Loa volcano, and this process enriches the snowmelt and rainwater with electrolytes and minerals. It also makes the water naturally alkaline.

The electrolytes that are naturally occurring in the water, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium, are especially important because they help to support fluids’ balance in your body. In addition, the fact that the water is naturally alkaline is significant because this means that the pH won’t decrease over time, and the water is simply healthier than water that is artificially alkaline.

Waiakea Water also observes Hawaii’s “malama i ka ‘aina” practice, which is the practice of respecting and caring for the Hawaiian land. It does this by promoting regional reforestation, 100% upcycled (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) packaging, and sustainable sourcing – they bottle less than .003% of the sustainable yield. In fact, these various eco-initiatives earned the company a CarbonNeutral certification, making it the first water company in America to earn this certification.

So, yes, all in all, it’s true—Waiakea Water is Hawaiian water through and through.