Gambling has gone through some dramatic changes through history and some of the biggest changes have occurred more recently. Technology has always been the major driving force behind big changes in gambling and the majority of the time the changes have benefited the industry greatly.  In 1996 the digital revolution led to the introduction of the first online casino software platform.

It was actually designed in 1994 and came into play in 1996.  What this did was change the gambling habits of punters, both in what they chose to play and where they chose to play. If we cast our minds back to before 1996, gambling games and environments were limited for punters. There were not that many slots available at land-based casinos, betting shops and arcades. Especially if you compare the number to the slots choice we have now at Wizard Slots. Your typical betting shop, land-based casino and arcade was not to everyone’s taste either and this was due to the clientele that these places attracted. If you were female and wanted to gamble, none of these places would hold much appeal.

Giving Punters More Control

What online gambling did was allow punters to take control of where they gambled and this was vital to the success of online gambling and gambling in general. More people became attracted to gambling because of this element of control and what was especially appealing, was that the digital revolution and online casinos, allowed punters to gamble in the privacy and safety of their own homes. This allowed a huge number of female gamblers to join the vast new gambling demographic.

Mobile Technology

Further technological developments meant that punters no longer had to be chained to their desktop or laptop computers if they wanted to gamble.  Mobile gadgets have always been popular but not as popular as they are now. The most popular of all mobile devices are smartphones and this is because people use them to organize their days and to keep in touch with loved ones and work colleagues whilst out and about. Smartphones are now the number 1 device for mobile gamers and 15% of slots revenue last year came from those using their smartphones as a gambling device.

Payment Options

Mobile gaming allows you to take your favourite slots with you wherever you go. They are a great way of passing the time whilst waiting for appointments or commuting to and from work. Despite the slots being played on smaller screens, very little quality and gaming experience is lost. Dedicated mobile casinos allow for smooth game loading and the reels spin smoothly without any technical issues. Payment options compare favourably with desktop casinos and all the major choices are available to mobile gamblers. These include E-wallet options such as PayPal and Skrill that add an extra layer of security to deposits and popular debit cards are accepted too. Depositing on mobile sites is safe and secure, but best done at home and not on public wifi due to security concerns. Withdrawals are fast and depending on your chosen method, your winnings can be in your account in minutes.