There’s a reason why online slots are one of the most popular games today. They’re fun and easy to play. Slot games have come a long way from the penny slots from back in the day.

They’re tied to movies, game shows, and beloved games that make them more fun than ever. If you’re new to playing slots online, how can you play to win?

Whether you’re a long-time slots player or brand new, you want to up your game so you can win. Read this online slots guide to learn how to play slots to win.

How to Play Online Slots

How do you play slots? Do you have a $50 bankroll, play the nickel slots and keep playing until you exhausted your bankroll?

A lot of people play that way. It’s a mindless way to entertain yourself and hope that you get lucky. You might win big, but you’re really leaving that to chance.

If you want to play to win, you’ll want to know the basics of how they work.

Know the Symbols

Each slot machine has a series of symbols that have an amount attached to them. For example, there’s almost always a wild symbol. A wild is like a wild card in any other game. You can use it as a free space or substitute for other symbols that help you win.

You might play a game that has two 7’s in a row and a wild symbol in that third spot. You will win because the wild will substitute for the third 7, making you a winner.

Big Banker Slot is a great example of how symbols are used in a slot game. The game uses very obvious symbols that are easy to read and interpret.

How Do You Win?

The most basic games have three spinning wheels or reels, and you get three symbols in a row to win. That three in a row is called a payline.

Online slots are a lot more advanced than the old three-reel slot machines. They have more reels, usually five of them. They also have more paylines, giving you many more ways to win.

A game will tell you what all of the paylines are and which ones paid out recently.

Place Your Bet

Are you ready to place a bet? Then you’ll choose the dollar amount that you want to bet and how many paylines you’re betting on.

If you hit Max Bet, that means that you’re betting across all paylines. That bet will cost more, but you’ll have a higher chance to win.

Two Important Things to Look for in Slot Games

There are two very important things to look for in an online slot game. Of course, you want to play a game that you’ll enjoy. When you’re playing to win, you want to know these two important terms that will tell you how likely you are to win.

How Much is Returned to Player?

You know that online slot games are built to make money for the casino. You don’t want to give your money away to the casino for the sake of entertainment.

You want to choose a game that makes the casino earn your money. One way to tell the likelihood of winning is how much is returned to player, or RTP.

The RTP is an average of how much money that’s bet on a game is returned to the player. You’re not going to find a game with an RTP of 100%. That means you will make your money back and the casino makes nothing.

Let’s say that you find a slot game with an RTP of 95%. That means that on average, for every $100 that’s bet, $95 gets returned to players. Sometimes you win more, sometimes you lose more.

You want to choose online slot games that have an RTP of 90% or above. That will give you a better shot at walking away with money.

You have to understand that all online slots use a random number generator. This means that each bet is done at random. There is no guarantee that you’ll win or lose.

One big mistake that gamblers make is that they assume that the odds of winning changes the longer a game goes without someone winning. They assume that if someone doesn’t win 10 times in a row, the probability that they win on the 11th time is much higher than the first time.

The RTP is an average over time. The odds usually don’t change over time when the game doesn’t pay out.

Hit Frequency

The hit frequency is also referred to as volatility. The hit frequency is a percentage of plays that are paid out. For example, if you are playing a slot game with a 25% hit frequency, one out of every four plays will payout.

Keep in mind that’s an average. It doesn’t mean that every fourth play is guaranteed to pay out.

There is a risk-reward mentality that’s needed to choose a slot game with the right hit frequency for you and your budget. The lower the hit frequency, the less often they’ll pay out. When they do payout, the reward will be much bigger.

On the other hand, a higher hit frequency will pay out less money per win, but you’ll win more often.

The Ultimate Online Slots Guide: Play to Win

How many players put money down on a bet without any thought of winning? Those players are wishing and hoping for a million-dollar payout. They’re the players that lose the most often.

With this online slots guide, you’re now among the educated slots players. You no longer have to wish and hope that you win. You can use your knowledge to pick the right games and play so you win.

You look for the highest paying paylines. You look for a high RTP and you look for a hit frequency that matches your tolerance to risk.

All of that makes you a much smarter slots player. Are you ready for more fun? Head over to the entertainment section of this site for more outstanding articles.