So you have decided to downsize from a house to an apartment…smart move if you ask us. In fact, studies show that downsizing and minimalism can lead to a more stress-free lifestyle. 

That being said, knowing how to move from a house to an apartment effectively can seem like a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be though!

We have put together the essential guide for your big move.

So let’s get started!

How to Move From a House to an Apartment With Ease 

There are many factors that are going to go into your move. We are going to look at the things you will need to consider and how to execute your move without any headaches. 

Take an Inventory 

This is the first step in your downsizing process and it begins in the house you are currently living. 

We acquire a lot of material possessions over the years. Some of them we just cannot live without while others we should have thrown out the second we got them, for example, the awkward birdhouse feeder your second cousin made you last Christmas can probably head to the donate pile. 

That being said, many items have sentimental value and it can be difficult to part ways with those precious keepsakes. 

That is why an inventory can help! Make lists of what you have in each area of your home and be detailed with it!

The Basics

Start in your kitchen as you are less likely to have too many sentimental items there. Make a list of how many pans, plates, cheese graters, etc. you have.

You will likely find that you have double, or even triple, of the same items. 

When you take an inventory of your clothing, ask yourself how long it has been since you have actually worn those shoes or put on that suit. 

If it has been over 30 days it is probably time to retire those items. 

After you have taken an inventory of each room you will see that many of the items are probably things that you can live without. 

The Keepsakes

But what about the tough stuff, the old photos, the trophy from your first little league win, or collector items that you have acquired over time? 

Some of these items will get a free pass. After all, they are the keepsakes that bring you joy when you look at them and some of them might even speak to your personality. 

That being said, you might find that some of the keepsakes you might not need or want anymore. Consider a keepsake box to keep your memorabilia organized and tucked away. 

Purge the Clutter

Clutter equals stress! In fact, one study suggests that clutter can actually have a serious impact on your psyche. So, before you get into your new abode declutter all of the spaces in your current home.

Here are a few clutter-filled spaces and items that you should tackle today:

Junk Mail –  Firstly, if you are still getting any bills in the mail…stop now! Go paperless. It will not only help you from having mail pile-up but it is also good for the planet. Get rid of any unnecessary mail before getting to your apartment as you will not have any room for it. 

Toiletries – If you have a beard oil or shave gel that you just never use anymore…get rid of it before you move. Your bathroom might be smaller in your new apartment so any unnecessary items should be purged prior to the move. 

Garage – Garages are notorious for housing clutter and before you know you have 3 rakes, 5 shovels, and nowhere to even park your car! Keep in mind that at your new place you probably will have a lawn care service so many of those items will not be needed any longer. 

Keep in mind that many of your larger items you may want to hang on to for some time. If that is the case, consider residential storage units to help you during the downsizing process. 

Get Organized

Organization is paramount with any move but it is especially crucial when downsizing to a smaller space. 

It is likely that you will have many boxes that you will be donating or putting into storage. 

Keeping the items that you will be taking with you to your new apartment labeled and separated will help you avoid the headaches and hassles of losing things in the moving process. 

Consider using colored labels to help you decern where certain boxes are supposed to be going. 

The Big Move 

Now that your house has been minimized and organized it is time for your big move. 

Even though you have downsized you most likely still have too much stuff! It is hard to gauge just what will and won’t fit just by looking at things. 

Let’s take a look at some things you should check off before you end up in a cluttered apartment feeling overwhelmed. 

Measure Everything…Twice

This tip is super helpful as you are moving into a smaller space. That awesome poker table that you have might not fit in your new living room. Measuring the size of key items you intend to bring will help you to plan out your new layout.

Things to consider measuring are:

  • Kitchen table
  • End tables
  • Coffee table
  • Area rugs
  • Appliances (unless they are included at your new place)
  • Couches
  • Recliners 
  • Wall art 

Know the square footage of your apartment and the size of each room. That way when you go to move you will know what can and cannot fit in each room. 

Take it Slowly

If you can, move in over the course of a week versus trying to do it all in one day. Doing this will help keep you organized and help you to get a feel for where you want things in your new pad.

If you only have a day or weekend to complete the move make sure to unload the boxes directly to the room they belong. This will help keep your living room decluttered and make it easier to unpack everything. 

The New Place

Once you are officially in your new place you might be feeling a little constricted. Even with all the downsizing you have done you must keep in mind the space is smaller. 

Here are some tricks and tips to help you maximize your space, leaving it feeling light and open. 

Functional Furniture

When living in a small space having multifunctional furniture is a must. It maximizes your space and provides storage in some cases. 

Let’s look at some pieces that you should consider for your new apartment. 

Storage ottoman – These are great! Not only do they have a built-in storage unit but they also are decorative and can be used for seating. 

Sleeper sofa – Gone are the days of uncomfortable college dorm-style futons. Many of the newer style sleeper sofas are sleek and offer storage underneath the sleeping area. These are a great choice for a second bedroom or studio.

Dinner Trays – These are not just for T.V dinners anymore. A folding table is a convenient way to add extra table space when you need it. Whether you need to have a makeshift desk to work from home or you need a quick table for guests these trays are small and do not take up too much room.

Decorate Like a Pro

Design professionals know that the key to maximizing space is to remember less is more. Keep your decorating minimal in the sense that not every wall has to have something on it. 

Keep the paint colors lighter as this will help rooms to appear larger. You can always add pops of color with decorative throw pillows or area rugs. 

Mirrors are another great decoration to have in a smaller space. Mirrors reflect light and actually make rooms look larger

Another tip is to hang curtains higher than the window frame extends. When you do this it will draw the eye away from the floor and give the appearance that you have taller ceilings. 

Getting Ready For Next Chapter

Now that you know how to move from a house to an apartment like a pro it is time to get the planning started! All of these helpful hints will make your move a breeze. 

The final thing you will need to remember is to stock the fridge for your housewarming party or the much needed cold one after the big move!

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