When it comes to buying fireplace screens I had absolutely no idea just how troublesome this could be, something I learned last year when we finally installed an open-fire in the living room. Now when I say troublesome, I don’t mean this particularly in a negative way, rather that the search was nowhere near as easy as I thought that it may be. When it comes to buying fireplace screens near me I have many option yet each one offered an enormous variety of sizes, styles, designs and options, which I just wasn’t prepared for.

If you are in the market for a new fireplace screen then, based on what I have learned in the last 12 months, here is what I would say you should be considering.


I have to be honest I did foolishly think that the cots of the fireplace screen wouldn’t differ very much from one to the other, yet I have since learned that they can in fact vary wildly. From as little as $40 up to the heights of $200+ it seems that there is in fact a wild range of pricing options. I have to say that this is also a product which, believe it or not, can sweep you away and make you want to spend more. And so I would advise that you have a set price in your mind before you leave home and start your search.

Function First

There is a real sense of style with so many of the fireplace screens which I have seen and I have to say that this can also be very attractive. What I did discover however is that so many of those stylish screens put substance second and this is something which just doesn’t fly for this particular piece of kit. In reality the fireplace screen is function first, this is what it is designed for after all and it is the style that should be an afterthought. The last thing that you need is to have a fireplace screen which is not able to keep the ashes off the carpet but which looks great on the eye.

Fitting In

Although most of the colors are the same when it comes to buying a high quality fireplace screen, such as blacks and polished bronze for example, there are many style options to consider when it comes to how the screen fits in. Think about the mood and the theme which you have in the room where your fire is, and what would be the best option with regards to how the screen fits in. Always remember that the fireplace screen is a big piece to have in the room so it is worthwhile making a style statement from it.

This is a necessary investment and I would recommend that you get the highest quality screen that you are able to afford, because it will be something that you will want to last for a very long time in the home.