Ladies and gentlemen I am writing this after an arduous 1 year search for the best hair salon near me and by golly I think I may have found it. Admittedly ‘arduous’ ay be somewhat over the top but I am proud that I avoided just settling on the closest hair salon and letting them look after me, for good or ill. I decided that I wanted a salon where I could really put my trust and my loyalty, and this is why I made sure that I found a salon which ticked all of my boxes with regards to what I think a great salon should showcase. I won’t bore you with the details of my search but I do want to show you what exactly I have been looking for, and to tell you that there is a salon out there to meet all of your needs.

Customer Service

I have to be honest, even a great salon which does its job perfectly will be one that I refuse to go to if they do not have great customer service. In fact I found some hair salons like this, which were brilliant at what they did yet really let themselves down when it came to service. For me, given the amount of time which I usually spend in the hair salon, I need someone who I can have a good chat with and in reality, there is a sense of therapy that comes from this.

Reasonably Priced

When it comes to pricing my mentality is that I am happy to spend whatever it takes to get the best results, but only if I feel that those prices are fair and competitive. I appreciate that those in expensive post codes or those hair salons which have won awards may wish to charge more, yet those away from this should always look to charge sensible and competitive prices. Even if the prices are slightly higher, I can deal with that, overly high prices with no rhyme or reason, that is something which I can’t quite get behind.

Appointments at the Ready

I have to be honest I will usually make my appointments 3 months in advance but there is always an occasion when you may have to book one short notice to get your hair fixed up or to get an emergency style. In each of the places I tried I would ask the stylists if this was ever possible and I have to be honest the majority of them looked at me like I had 2 heads. This of course was a very telling sign.

Quality of Hair Styling

And of course, one of the most important features of any hair salon which you may be looking for, their ability to cut and to style hair. This is really what took me so long to decide on a place because I had to have multiple styles and cuts over the course of a year.

These are the 4 cornerstones of a great hair salon and this is exactly what you should be looking for.