Two years ago my mother was called in for a breast ultrasound and naturally we all began to panic a little. Within hours we were on search engines looking for possible outcomes, trying to find the best ‘breast ultrasound near me’ assuming that one clinic may provide better results than another and ultimately seeking to get answers before it was even possible.

Thankfully, nothing came of that breast ultrasound and in the checkups which she has had since there has been nothing which has shown up as abnormal. With this being said I understand completely the fear which you go through when you discover that a check like this is required, and I wanted to share this experience to try and help anyone going through to remain calm and focused.

Don’t Go Online

The internet is a great place to tell you how to get stubborn stains out of a carpet or hacks in life which can help you to upcycle an old piece of furniture, when it comes to medical advice, not so good. At least this is the case when you literally have no idea what is wrong or if anything is wrong. Because of the way that the human brain works, there is no chance you will hang on to those positive stories of people who have had nothing wrong with them, and you are far more inclined to assume everything is wrong. Stay away from the internet, or at least from the medical side of things, until you at least know what may be wrong.

Follow The Steps

There is no point in me or any other person telling you not to panic, this is a natural reaction to being faced with a situation like this, it is of course only natural that you will be worried. The best case scenario here is to just follow the steps which your physician has told you. It is likely that they will try to get you squeezed in as soon as possible and so you shouldn’t have to wait it out for too long.

Positive Linings

The reality of a breast ultrasound is that there is more chance that they will find nothing than the chances that they will find something and this is the kind of thing which you need to hold on to. Each time that a negative thought enters your mind with regards to what could be wrong or what may go wrong, think about the chances and those probabilities which suggest that it is infinitely more likely that there will not be anything wrong with you.

And finally the best advice which can be offered in this situation is to keep yourself busy, make sure that you do all that you can to take your mind off the situation. If you are able to do this then you are going to at least be thinking about your appointment less, and that way you can then deal with it when it comes around rather than spending each day and night thinking about it.