Montreal is known for its arts scene, its European flair, and amazing things to do. With a culture so rich and diverse, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the people in the city are also very diverse. The same diversity that makes this city so attractive, and unique. This diversity also plays a role in the inclusion of women in many aspects of Montreal’s culture. It should come as no surprise that Montreal has a solid infrastructure that covers all the needs of the female population. We’ve come to the following conclusions after many visits to many different hospitals and medical facilities in both Montreal and the surrounding area including Laval, Westmount, and Chateauguay.

When it comes to women’s healthcare, Montreal is far ahead of most cities in almost all respects; especially in terms of having a great variety of options in each field of care available. Here are the most logical things to do in order to get the medical care you need when you need it.

1. Pick a Primary Care Practitioner

Women should have a ‘regular doctor’ that they regularly access and trust. Whether you’re a successful working professional or a professional student, or you’re just looking for a place to go to for something non-emergent, this is a great route that not only will give you a great healthcare experience but will also provide you with the opportunity to get to know your primary care medical provider better than you would other doctors.

We recommend finding a female doctor for these reasons but realize that not every doctor has the same skill and you’ll have to depend on your own judgement to decide which will be better for your needs.

2. Pick a Specialty Doctor

Based on the relationship and trust you develop with your primary care doctor, you will know who to access for what speciality. For instance, if you have a cold, you’ll consult your primary care doctor and if you have something more serious, you’ll consult with a professional in that field whom you trust.

3. Call a Montreal Fertility Center

If you’re looking for a fertility center in Montreal, be sure to do online research and talk to the offices themselves. You will get different answers based on who you call. Be sure to call each center and ask specific questions, including cost and expected outcomes. Our advice is to visit multiple centers in order to get a proper first impression. At one point in your life, you will be in need of the services a fertility clinic has to offer. If you’re the kind of person that tends to research and be well informed before making a major decision for purposes of convenience, then this is the best way to start getting to know the different fertility services available.


Getting treatment in montreal is very doable and of equal quality as its English counterpart. The language barrier is often a road block to most first time visitors. If you speak French, you should have zero problems getting the treatment you need. If you don’t speak French, you will likely have some difficulty communicating with your medical provider but there are other ways to get around this problem. You can always contact premier health providers in Montreal that are fluent in the English language and can help you with your healthcare needs.