As part of any successful collection, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself with a few extra items that don’t fit with the main theme. That’s part of the fun of collecting, and you’ll often find that in addition to the main collection, you can build a sub-collection around whatever it is that caught your eye in the first place. To that end, our curated selection of rare and unique items has all the eccentric collectibles you could want, including:

1. Antique Furniture:

American and European antique furniture from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries is quite collectible, and a natural extension of an antiques collection, is the marketplace-tailored furniture category. Often considered timeless, people who appreciate quality antiques also appreciate vintage furniture, for its superior craftsmanship and timeless appeal. And with proper restoration and care, it can be passed down through generations, so it’s not just something to collect, but something to keep!

2. Vinyl Records:

This golden era bygone medium is finally coming back into style, with the original records now out of generation for many of the baby boomers and Gen Xers who may have had their first taste of music during the 70’s and 80’s. While collecting on its own is fun, many collectors will opt to personalize their collections with special editions, limited edition album art, and then have them professionally framed. For those who want to start with something more contemporary, but still want the visual of an album, this medium lends itself to quality 3D-printed art that can be displayed on the shelf or hung on the wall.

3. Antique Maps:

One of the most interesting categories of collectibles, antique maps are an entire world unto themselves. This popular subset of antiques includes old maps, antique maps of the world, old maps of the United States, old maps of Hawaii, and antique maps of Texas, and includes old maps of the moon. Certified maps include rare pieces such as the original Waldseemuller World Map, which remains the largest, most detailed map from its time.

4. Comic Books:

As far back as the 1800’s, comic books have been sold and read, even back then taking a cue from the early French comics and combining them with narration balloons. What was originally intended to be a medium for entertainment became art when seen through the eyes of the artist whose story lines became more elaborate, which set them apart from their predecessors. Quickly moving forward to the 20th century, vintage comic books started featuring new characters and a crisper storyline.

5. Classic Cars:

Automobile collectors love having a collection of cars, whether it is a rare muscle car of the 60’s or one of the earliest cars of the 19th century. Car collectors make sure that every detail of their car is in working order, and they drive them sparingly to make sure they are in pristine condition all the time. One can also drive their attention to the rarest diecast cars, which is the same as a classic car but even more detailed. These diecast cars are oftentimes intricately designed to look and feel like they were real street cars.


No matter what you decide to collect, you’ll no doubt have plenty of fun along the way, and find yourself with a collection that no one else in the world has!