Your favorite TV series are not just for entertainment. After having binge sessions watching the series, you may consider getting relevant collectibles.  They will always be there to remind you about that TV series or even characters. You may even end up putting some of these items into proper use.

Here are some of the best collectibles from your favorite series; 

Miniature cars

Are you a gearhead? Or, do you have something special about classic cars? You may consider adding the best miniature cars to your collection. You have the option of buying and collecting the latest top-of-range cars, or you can add classic miniature cars into your collectibles.

Store your miniature cars in perfect condition, and you will appreciate the value that they hold. Series such as Mad Men are an ideal motivation for the classic car collectives

Costumes and clothing

Some TV series have a unique set of clothing and costumes. If you want an item you can use, I recommend you go for the unique clothing and costumes. You can use them to make a significant fashion statement on those special days. 

The good thing with costumes is versatility. You are free to explore multiple options. You can choose the clothing of your favorite character or different names. You can take a more straightforward path of collecting escorts bearing imprints of your favorite TV series or even characters. 

Statues and Figures

If you are an ardent follower of the Game of Thrones TV series, you may consider adding statues and figures as your collectibles. You can also collect figurines and statues for your other favorite series.

In addition to refreshing your memories of your best series, they will be playing a decorative role in your house. Collect several mini-mystery figures of different characters to break the monotony.

Dolls and Toys

If you love dolls and other toys, then you can derive the motivation for the collectibles from your favorite series? The few dolls that you own may never be enough. Collect hundreds of them. 

Series such as the Russian Doll can enrich your stock with different types of dolls and toys. You can collect antique dolls or go for fashion-centric dolls. 

Art and jewelry

Characters from your favorite series may be donning pieces of fine art and jewelry. This can give you a perfect idea of what to add to your set of collectibles. Even in your quest to seek the rarest pieces of art, you will be able to establish a strong attachment with pieces of jewelry from your favorite series.

Comic books

If you pay slight attention, you will discover that there are comic books based on your favorite series. While reading comic books can be enjoyable, you can become an avid collector of these literature materials.

Collectibles can help you to appreciate your favorite series more. I hope you have a perfect idea of the items you can add to your collectibles based on your favorite series. Do you have other items in your mind?  Feel free to share with us.