Victor Restis and the Restis Family Foundation are strong supporters of organizations focusing on the health, well-being, and education of adults and children whose very livelihood has been compromised due to illness, disease, or economic hardships. The Restis family’s strong commitment to help people through difficult times is evident through the many non-profit organizations they directly support. 

Though much of the Restis family charitable work is focused on Africa and its native country of Greece, the family’s reach extends to other areas of the world through various partnerships and collaborations. Of note is the Restis Family’s economic contributions to support annual lottery programs of non-profit organizations, such as Association for the Prevention, Information and Support to children with Cerebral Palsy, the mentally disabled and Down Syndrome Non-profit Organization “Care.” 

These organizations seek to protect the rights of people with disabilities and encourage prevention and research to learn more about its origins and afflictions. Furthermore, these organizations educate and inform the public to create a greater understanding and acceptance toward those living with these disabilities. Through the support of these advocacy programs, Victor Restis and family hope to bridge the gap of social acceptance and dispel the idea that individuals with these disabilities are considered cursed or punished.

In 2011, Victor Restis and family contributed to the work of the Royal Highness Princess Katherine of Serbia. Born in Greece, Princess Katherine shares a passion for creating opportunities to benefit all those in need, regardless of ethnicity or religion. These ideas, shared by the Restis family, stem from the idea that human suffering knows no borders. The HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation provides aid for medical institutions, facilitates material and medical equipment and provides clothes, food and services to people who are socially endangered due to poverty or turmoil. These principles and organizational focus are in perfect alignment with the goals set forth by Victor Restis and the Restis Family Foundation.