Plenty of factors affect productivity at work. From the management style of the leaders to the policies at work, they play a part in determining the level of productivity. Apart from these things, the cleanliness of the restroom matters a lot. It’s a common space that employees use, and it should stay clean. You might not look at it as an important part of work productivity, but it is. 

Every corner needs to be clean

It’s challenging to work in an environment that doesn’t look healthy and sanitary. Now that we’re facing a pandemic, there are even more reasons to focus on health. Don’t only focus on the workstations, but the restroom too. 

It’s a private space for some employees

You want your employees to have an area where they can breathe and relax without anyone judging them. It isn’t easy to do it at work since the office is a shared space. The restroom could be the only place for them to be alone. They need it to express frustration before getting back to work again. Otherwise, they will get stuck and be unable to focus on their tasks. 

Employees will clean the restroom themselves

Imagine if the employees have to clean the toilet before using it. The entire process could take time. They waste too much time before starting to work again. In this sense, their productivity level could get affected. 

Hire cleaning staff

You need to hire cleaning staff to maintain the cleanliness of the restroom. You can outsource this service if you can’t afford to pay full-time staff. However, if you’re in a vast office space with plenty of areas to clean, you need someone to do the job regularly. 

Invest in new furniture

You can even take things to the next level by installing a shower area in your office restroom. Employees who want to stay clean can shower in the middle of the day. They can also do it before heading home or to the gym after work hours. Consider buying from a complete bathroom store online to get bathroom furniture at an affordable cost, but with guaranteed quality. If your office restroom has stall partitions, be sure they are in good condition, meaning that if they are dirty, broken, or don’t close, it might be time to remodel and outfit the stalls. At, you can find a complete selection of commercial restroom stalls so that you offer your employees comfort and safety when using the bathroom.

Storage furniture is also essential. You can even separate the items inside by labelling them. Employees can leave their toiletries and use them whenever needed. 

Ask your employees what they want 

You have to know the factors that will improve work productivity. Restroom cleanliness is one of them, but other factors also matter. The best way to determine which changes to make is by asking the employees. Trust your employees to be honest with you about what they want to see. The productivity level of your employees could impact the overall success of the business. Therefore, they’re worth listening to. 

If they offer negative feedback, you have to accept it and use their words to improve the company. You have to treat your employees well since they’re the backbone of your business. If they don’t feel comfortable, the productivity level is on the line. Some of them might even decide to leave and you don’t want that to happen.