It’s easy enough to see why families keep browsing new real estate listings in Montreal. The city has great schools, it offers a multicultural setting, and the crime rate is at record lows. The entire city saw only 23 homicides in 2016. Compare that to the 302 homicides in Detroit, and Chicago is even worse with 762 murders.

But the truth of the matter is that Montreal is ideal for everyone, and that includes young adults. Here are some good reasons why this city is perfect for singles and young couples:

  1. Rent is incredibly affordable. Great Montreal apartments are available for just $1,000 a month, and that’s only when you’re living solo. Get a roomie and you cut the costs even further. A 1-bedroom apartment averages $668 a month, and that’s alluring compared to the average rent of $1,103 in Toronto and $1,079 in Vancouver.
  2. Drinks are easily accessible. If you’re entertaining your friends at home, you can buy your wine and beer at any “depanneur” corner store. At most, you’ll only walk half a block to buy alcohol. These corner stores aren’t available in Toronto.
  3. You can enjoy drinks at the park. The Montreal Picnic Law allows people to drink if you’re having a picnic at the park. Now this is the life—fresh air and nature, hanging with your friends, and booze in public.
  4. Festivals are frequent. “Frequent” may even be an understatement. That’s because the city plays host to more than a hundred festivals a year. That’s about 2 festivals per week.
  5. There are plenty of young people around. As a single young adult, you don’t have to feel like you’re the baby in the neighbourhood surrounded by senior citizens. This isn’t Arizona! Montreal is crawling with young students as the city has 6 universities along with 12 colleges.
  6. You don’t really need a car to get around town. The public transit network can actually get you where you want to go, and it’s very affordable too. You can also just zip along the streets on bikes, as the city has a very pro-bike attitude with its numerous bike lanes. Heck, even walking is a very enjoyable option as Montreal isn’t really all that big to begin with.
  7. Foodies have limitless cuisine possibilities. The city is multicultural in its makeup, and many denizens of the city have put up restaurants that feature the dishes of their native countries. Foodies will drool over the numerous possibilities, and some fusion dishes are simply out of this world.
  8. The nightlife is alive. Some small cities—ok, a lot of them—have rather ho-hum nightlife scenes with too few places closing too early. That’s not Montreal at all. Here you get lots of choices for clubs, bars, bistros, and live music. If you’re determined to try a different club or bar every weekend, it may take a very long time before you can try them all!
  9. There are lots of green spaces. Even young adults can’t spend every waking hour of the weekend drinking. During the day, they have a plethora of possibilities when it comes to parks and nature trails. One of the more popular options is to walk the Mount Royal.
  10. The people are beautiful. Sometimes you just want to go to a park or the side of a road and gaze at all the attractive people walking by.

Montreal exemplifies the true joie de vivre outlook. Here people work so they can live, and that’s an outlook that young adults can certainly identify with. So if you’re in your 20s, you might want to consider relocating here.