With the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we all deserve to relax and go on a vacation once in a while. And while you are at it, why not treat yourself to a grand holiday? You can start planning your vacation by looking at some luxury villa rentals in St. Bart’s.

Planning Your Trip

St. Bart’s Island or St. Barthelemy is one of the Caribbean islands frequently visited by businessmen, celebrities, and rich people who are looking for a stylish holiday. The island is dotted with fabulous restaurants and clubs that are elegant but small enough so that they can easily be navigated. There are no casinos, no big nightclubs, and no tall buildings here, only secluded villas on the hills and super yachts in the harbour.

St. Bart’s is also known as the French Riviera of the Caribbean. But, even though it has the reputation of being a playground for the rich, the island still maintains its friendly and laid back attitude.

It can be pricey in St. Bart’s because of the upscale resorts and high-end restaurants that can be found on the island. The good news is, you do not have to spend a fortune to have a vacation in this luxurious place. It is advisable that you rent a villa or a private home where you can cook your own meals, and go beach hopping at your own pace.


People also go to St. Bart’s because of its great weather. Most of the year, puffy white clouds can be seen through the clear blue sky and warm breeze can be felt. However, because of its location, St. Bart’s also has its fair share of bad weather. From July to November, the island may experience tropical storms and hurricanes.


Those who have already been to St. Bart’s know that one of the best things there is the quality and the variety of food available. Great food can be found in numerous local restaurants as the chefs in the island have the passion for fine dining, pushing them to be creatively inspired. What’s even great is that the restaurant menus offer several culinary styles so visitors can enjoy more.

What To Do in St. Bart’s


Many tourists who go to St. Bart’s usually spend their days at the beach sitting on a reclining chair or basking under the sun. There are fourteen beaches on the island, and all have gleaming white sands. All of them are public and free, but only a few are crowded, even during the peak season.

Some of the beaches in St. Bart’s are Shell Beach, Gouverneur Beach, Saline Beach, Toiny Beach, Petit cul-de-sac Beach, Grand cul-de-sac Beach, Marigot Beach, Lorient Beach, St. Jean Beach, Anse des Cayes Beach, Flamands Beach, Colombier Beach, Corossol Beach, and Public Beach.


A luxury vacation and relaxation will not be complete without a visit to a spa and getting pampered. Several hotels on the island also have fitness clubs with sophisticated equipment so guests can also exercise even while on vacation.

Other Activities

There are also other activities that are worth trying while on the island. You can go scuba diving, go sailing, go aboard motor yachts and jet skis, or try one of their submarine trips.

It is also important that you get all the practical and useful information that you can get before embarking on a trip to the island. Make sure that you plan your vacation well and pick the right time to travel so that you can fully enjoy what the island has to offer.