Your bedroom is your sanctuary, it is the room in the house where you will spend more time than anywhere else and it is your own little corner of the world where you can rest, relax and recuperate. It is for all of these reasons that you have to make sure that you get the design and the bedroom decorations just right. 

Designing a room like a bedroom really gives you free reign as you don’t have to match the style to other rooms in the house. The bedroom provides a blank canvas where you can do just about anything that you like. To help you give the bedroom it’s own unique character, here are some interior design tips which you can take on board. 


The space is vital and regardless of whether you have plenty of it or you are restricted, you can use certain design tips to give the appearance of more, or less, space. For example if your room is greatly oversized then the bed is going look pretty small so adding furniture like seating will make the room feel cozier. Conversely if you have a small room then you can play with dark and light colors which will add depth and give the appearance of more volume. 

Wall Designs 

Try not to fall into the trap of painting your walls all one color, this will see you lose a great opportunity to really add some style and spend character to your room. There are many ideas which you can look at here, a feature wall for example can really bring the room to life. If you do have plainly painted walls then try to find ways to add so extra to this simple design such as wall decals which you can make using an online sticker maker to ensure it is individual and stands out. You could also look at pieces of art which fit in with the overall theme of the room’s design. 


Because we use our bedrooms for so many different things, it is important that you have lots of options when it comes to lighting. Try to get a dimmer switch for the main light so that you’ll have options on reducing the brightness depending on the situation. Another great idea is to put lamps in the room, next to the bed and by the dresser or desk if you have one. Different lighting options can change the general feel of the room and you really can’t have too many choices. 


Something which many fail to recognize is the power which details can have on the general theme of the room. For example you can use bedding and cushions to bring out certain colors and themes of the room, you can also use photo frames to do more than just present a picture, but also that will work in conjunction with the design of the bedroom. These small details are very important and getting them right will ensure that you accomplish the design and theme that you have been looking for. 

Spend the time on this so that you can create the perfect sanctuary in your bedroom.