There’s no need to book a hotel or travel to a distant destination if you can transform your house. Once you give it a unique look that makes it close to a hotel, you won’t mind canceling your planned trips. You know that you will have fun even while you’re at home.

Buy new sheets and blankets

You don’t need to wait until you can book a hotel before you can have the same feeling. Investing in new sheets and blankets will give you the hotel experience. The best part is that you can keep using the items you bought even after the staycation.

Look for discounted bathrobes

It might be time for you to consider using bathrobes after bathing. Towels won’t cut it for you, as hotels usually offer a bathrobe. You might even want to keep using the bathrobe while watching your favorite TV shows. Since it costs a lot to buy a bathrobe, you might have to keep searching for discounts.

Replace your lights

It would be nice to use dim lights in your bedroom. They’re more intimate. You will feel comfortable when your lights are easy on the eyes. It’s also an excellent idea to buy lights with an adjustable brightness level.

Buy fragrant scents 

You don’t have to get used to the terrible smell of your bathroom all the time. You might want to invest in a fragrant scent. Air fresheners and sprays would be great. You want to keep your bedroom smelling good, just like the hotel rooms you used before.

Replace your bed

It might be time to buy a new bed. If the one you use at home has been around for a long time, it’s time for a replacement. Quality beds last a long time. Therefore, even if you need to spend a lot, it’s okay. You will enjoy your bed for many years to come. You don’t have to wait until you book a hotel room before experiencing a good bed. You can consider large size furniture too if you want to feel even better when sleeping.

Remove anything related to work

The idea of doing a staycation is that you want to relax and forget about work for a while. Therefore, you have to remove anything that reminds you of work. Your bedroom can’t have a laptop computer. Take the books out too. You might get tempted to read them and keep working. List all the movies or series that you want to watch so you will start to forget about work.

Have a positive attitude 

Even if you already transformed your bedroom, it won’t be perfect for a staycation if you don’t retain a positive attitude. Make sure that you fee excited about the idea of staying home to spend time with your family. Avoid being bitter about the cancelation of your travel plans.

If you ask those who cancelled international trips in favor of a staycation, they have no regrets. They enjoyed the entire experience with the people they love.