If you find investment properties for sale which have caught your eye then it is vital that you perform a number checks to ensure that this is the right fit for you and that you are making the smartest choice in terms of future profitability. This is especially true of you are a first time investor as there are many who overlook important checks which must be made before buying. It can be exciting to find the right type of property, but it is important that you don’t get overexcited and that you first ensure that this is indeed the right property. 

Further Investment 

Naturally the cost of the property purchase itself is just the beginning of your investment and so you need to ensure that you are aware of any further capital which you are going to need in order to get the property in shape for renting or selling. Major maintenance issues are often a high cost for real estate investors so you should have planned for this before purchasing the property. You may also find that you want to change things around in the property, adding  loft conversion for example, which should also be factored in to your financial forecasts. 

Fit For Purpose 

Something else which you really need to spend some time thinking about is whether or not the property-type is situated in the right place for its purpose. For example you may have found a property which would be ideal for a young family, but if there are not high quality schools, hospitals or job opportunities nearby it could be very difficult to actually find a family who would find such a property appealing. Equally a luxury apartment which is removed from any urban environment is also unlikely to attract much interest. You must think about and research external factors when it comes to investing in a property. 

Market Indicators

There are some very important market indicators which you need to look into before you make an offer on a property. What is the crime rate like in the area? Is there plenty of working opportunities? Has the area seen a population growth? What projects either private or public are being invested in nearby? What life challenges exist in this certain area? These are all massive considerations to make before you purchase and a property and the reason for this is not just financial, but because anyone who is looking to buy or rent your property once you have purchased it will also be looking at these import factors. 


You should also focus on legal issues surrounding the property, is there scope for changes or growth of the property or are the planning laws extremely tight? How much of the land is owned and is there are a potential situation for a property dispute with a neighbor? Very often these small legal issues can become large snags for investors so ensure that you go into this with your eyes wide open. 

Finding a property is exciting but be sure that you have completed due diligence before you attempt to buy.