Have you ever thought of dry brushing your skin? While you brush your hair and teeth to keep them in good shape, we hardly ever think of brushing the skin. For most of us, taking a hot shower/ bath once or twice daily is enough, or is it?

Dry skin brushing is an old practice that is becoming cool again. It is one of the latest holistic craze taking over the beauty scene and, on your next visit to the spa, you just might spot dry brushing as one of the served up treatments on the menu. But, why should you, one of the best-paid estate lawyers get your skin brushed? It sounds uncomfortable. Well, your skin shed off layers of old cells and bathing alone isn’t going to remove the dead, flaky layer to reveal your bright tone.

Also, the skin is your largest organ, and it is responsible for about one-third of your natural detoxification and elimination. Therefore, you need the pores opened up, and the skin cells stimulated for optimum function.

In a nutshell, here are some of the benefits of dry brushing – your whole body will look good and thank you.

  1. It prevents acne

Dry brushing helps in the regulation of sebum production plus distribution. It does that by keeping the skin’s pores clean and unclogged so that bacteria lack a breeding ground. By keeping the skin bacteria free and clear, you will get rid of acne flare-ups.

  1. It prevents premature aging

The main cause of premature aging is a slow rate of cellular regeneration, as well as a reduction in the rate of collagen and elastin production. While expensive creams and serums come highly recommended, the solution could be as simple as dry brushing.

Through brushing, the dull and old layer of skin is sloughed off stimulating the generation of new healthy cells. By exfoliating the old skin cells and giving new cells a lease of life, your skin appears brighter, collagen production enhanced and the fine lines and wrinkles disappear.

During the exfoliation process, dry skin brushing stimulates the oil and the sweat glands moisturizing the skin. In the process, your skin will appear vibrant, fresh and free of acne. Also, with your skin participating in breathing and the absorption of essential nutrients, regular brushing increases intake of oxygen and nutrients leaving you with youthful skin. If you are in your 30s or 40s, dry skin brushing could be the essential beauty regime to incorporate. If you’re thinking of incorporating dry brushing into your skin care routine, you can also look into products with alpha hydroxy acids, which helps in stimulating the regeneration process as well as exfoliation and retaining skin moisture.

  1. It boosts lymphatic and immune function

Your lymphatic system is a crucial part of the body’s immune system with organs, ducts, lymph nodes and vessels transporting lymph throughout the body. Most of the organs of the lymphatic system run just under the skin. It is, therefore, possible that dry skin brushing boosts lymph flow within the body while enhancing detoxification. Since the body’s natural detoxification process and lymphatic function become sluggish because of lifestyles, brushing reactivates the systems. Active natural detoxification wards off illnesses, and also prevents premature aging. An active lymphatic system contributes to a functioning immune system.

  1. It gets rid of cellulite

Proponents of dry skin brushing suggest that the technique contributes to the development of healthy and perfectly toned muscles. It also facilitates healthy distribution of fats deposits reducing the appearance, and eventually getting rid of cellulite.

Dry skin brushing will also prevent the formation of the painful ingrown hairs, and by improving circulation, it banishes the orange-peel-look.

Lastly, it boosts your energy levels thanks to the full-blown activation of skin cells, nutrient and oxygen absorption through the skin, and the improved circulation. Dry skin brushing gives you a kick! Note that consistency is essential – perhaps you could try it thrice weekly for three minutes. Use upward and clockwise strokes.