Did you know that what you wear can say a lot about you as well as how you feel about yourself. The right apparel can reveal to others that you are a ‘go getter’ yet that same outfit might make you ‘self conscious’. According to an article by Scientific American, your very personal mental and physical state could be influenced by what you choose to wear. Although the research is limited mostly to lab tests, there is something about putting on a brand new sharp blazer that can make you look and feel like a million bucks. For example, in another article, it was stated that wearing informal apparel is not a good idea when you are looking to negotiate. Research has revealed that those who dress nicely when involved in negotiations end up with a sweeter and more profitable deal than those who wore their regular clothes. However, sometimes dressing too sharply can backfire on you as well. If you wear say, an expensive pair of sunglasses or a snazzy watch you could be accused of wearing something that was counterfeit especially when it does not match the rest of what you are wearing.

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