I have been playing scrabble on my phone for quite a while and have tried various apps from offline to online versions. However, lately, I have been installing and deleting hopelessly as I was trying to look for more options to play scrabble and boggle. Fortunately, I came across this website that provided great information on each game and had populated quite a list of popular scrabble games.

Best 10 Scrabble Games

I had a look through it and found some valuable apps that I decided to include in my review on tips to find the best scrabble and boggle apps.

Playing scrabble on the go

Unlike many other games, Scrabble is not necessarily the easiest game to play on the go with all the pieces of letter tiles and a large game board. This is especially true if you want to play alone while waiting for the bus. Gone are the days when you had to worry about certain tiles going missing. Considering all of these factors, playing on an app or online through your Mac or PC may be a good alternative option. It’s a great way to play on the go and lets you conveniently take it around and play whenever you feel like it.

There are two options you could opt for when playing Scrabble on your phone. There’s an offline version that saves up on your data usage which lets you play against a computer or AI in real-time. Alternatively, you could choose to play with other players online. It’s a great way to interact with the online community too. There are several free and paid versions that let you top up various add-ons to make the game more exciting and challenging.

Develop the skill of using a Scrabble word finder

If you think using a Scrabble word finder to help improve your skills for future battles, you’re wrong. It’s perfectly fine to develop this skill as using a Scrabble dictionary only helps improve your vocabulary. Sometimes, you may come across a creative block and using an app to help find words is perfectly fine. You will also develop the skill of scrambling up the letters to use specific letters or combinations that lets you get a higher score. Depending on the scenario, you could make the best use of the letters that you have to make a combination which you would have otherwise not thought of.

Play the old school Scrabble by purchasing from popular retailers

Sometimes you might feel like playing the classic board game which involves the physical scrabble board and tiles. There are many apps that can connect you with great deals for shopping online and that provide fast shipping too. This way, you can have the new scrabble board delivered in time for your next family gathering. You could also browse through the various versions that are available by simply searching for them. These apps also indicate the reviews and ratings from previous buyers thereby letting you choose the best version of the physical board game. It’s a great way to bond and have loads of fun at family gatherings.


Now that you are fully aware of the different versions of Scrabble and Boggle available, start browsing through to find the one that perfectly suits your taste and requirements. Whether you prefer the classic board game or you prefer playing it through an app online or offline, either way, you get to choose a version that provides you an opportunity to have hours of fun. Don’t forget to master the skill of continuously developing your vocabulary by choosing a word finder.