In a world filled with technology on every corner and encased in everything we touch, it makes it easy for people to achieve things they’re not good at. For instance, if fashion is not your strong suit, have no fear, because there are apps that will make it easier for you to get a good look. From your smartphone to your tablet, be sure to check out the following fashion apps to get you the hairstyle, makeup, or wardrobe that mimics your favorite fashion icons.


How often do you see a lip gloss, eye shadow, or other makeup color that you want to try in a photo or on TV, and you wish you could know what it was? Thanks to GlamScout, now you can. Simply snap a photo of the makeup you want to learn more about, and GlamScout will provide you with the color as well as a list of makeup manufacturers that provide that specific color (or ones similar to it). This app will certainly change the way you snag makeup that will look great on you, so be sure to download it today.

Hairstyle Makeover

Everyone dreams of getting a new look on their head, whether it’s getting a new color or trying out a new cut. However, nobody wants to take the risk of actually going to the stylist to get this new color or cut without first knowing how you’ll look with it. Thanks to Hairstyle Makeover, you can now have a good idea of how these colors or cuts will look on you, and then you can take that picture of yourself to the stylist to get exactly what you want.

Ask a Stylist

Face it. We can all use a little fashion advice every now and then, especially when we try out a different style. Thankfully, Glamour gives you instant access to a professional thanks to the Ask a Stylist app. With this tool, you can take a picture of your outfit or current look you’re going for and see if it makes sense or what you can do to enhance it. So if you’re trying to pair florals with plaid or want to know if that pencil skirt looks good with that oversized sweater, you can have instant access to someone who will let you know if you’re making a fashion do or a fashion don’t.

The Hunt

The problem most people have with fashion is how expensive certain items can be. The Hunt app solves that by letting community members work together to help each other out. For instance, if you’re looking for a certain pair of cowboy boots for women, simply put the information on the app, such as a photo of what you’re looking for, the size and color you’re looking for, as well as your budget. Then, let your community help you find it, whether it’s pointing you to a store that has it or allowing you to purchase it from someone nearby. By doing this, you can snag the great looks and accessories you want without having to pay a high price.

Closet Space

Have you ever created a great outfit from your wardrobe only to forget exactly what accessories you paired with it? Thanks to Closet Space, you can always remember which outfits look great together. Simply take pictures of your clothes and accessories, and then keep pictures of the items that pair well together. You can categorize your items how you see fit, from tops to purses to everything in between. Then, have fun creating outfits out of the clothes you already have.

Being fashionable is a whole lot easier now that you can have an app for that. By using these tools, you can experience great fashion and a great look with ease.