If you and your partner want to deviate from a traditional wedding, you can take it up a notch by getting silicone wedding rings instead of the diamond, gold, or any other metal rings. You might have heard about silicone wedding rings already, but if not, here’s something for you to ponder upon.

Why silicone wedding rings are the best alternative wedding ring? Here are eight reasons why you should totally get silicone wedding bands:

  • Silicone wedding rings are made from a high-grade medical silicone that is FDA approved, meaning they are very safe, and so comfortable you almost can’t even tell you’re wearing it. They feel just like a second skin or like a part of your finger.
  • The flexibility of a silicone ring makes it the perfect replacement for a regular metal or nacreous wedding ring. Since it is flexible, you can braid them or twist them kind of the way you want it. The flexibility of these rings makes them great for everyday wear. 
  • This material is best known for its tear-resistance properties. It is a good choice for gender-neutral wedding rings since they can fit both male and female fingers well without squeezing too tight or being loose.
  • Silicone wedding bands are best alternative options for men who don’t want to wear metal ring due to several reasons such as allergies, weight gain or skin problems. Since its 100% hypoallergenic, your chance of finding an allergy to silicone is almost none.
  • Since silicone is heat resistant, do not worry about taking it off. You can even use it while cooking or working on your car engine without worrying the ring getting damaged because of heat.
  • Silicone rings come in several different colors and shape, you can match it up to your partner’s favorite color and style. You can find unlimited patterns and designs with silicone wedding bands. 
  • Silicone Wedding Rings are 100% water-proof. You can swim, shower or do whatever you want without taking the silicone wedding ring off.
  • One of the main reasons why numerous couples go in for alternate plastic wedding rings is because they are much cheaper than the metal wedding rings.

Nowadays couples have their own different preferences when it comes to wedding bands so there is no hard and fast rule that says metal rings are mandatory. With the above-mentioned benefits, one could ultimately conclude silicone wedding rings are a better alternative than your metal ring. Yes, it might sound new to you but they are really popular around the world.

You should ditch the diamond or gold rings for your wedding and get silicone wedding rings instead. They are not only cheaper but also much better. These rings are high in quality, fashionable, easy to maintain and very durable at the same time. So instead of diamonds why don’t you get silicone wedding bands?

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