More than 7% of homes fell victim to property crimes in 2018. While property crimes are on the decline, it’s due to the rise in popularity of smart homes. More specifically, homeowners are deterring more criminals from ever before with professional surveillance systems.

There are several benefits of surveillance cameras for homeowners. With the rapid ascent of this relatively new technology, you may not know about these incredible upsides.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Get educated on the benefits of security cameras for your home. All with this handy dandy guide.

Ready to learn how you can save money with a professional security system, all while improving the crime rates in your neighborhood? Read on to find out about these benefits and so many more.

The Top Seven Benefits of Surveillance Cameras

For the past two years, surveillance companies have projected an uptick in spending on security cameras for business and homeowners. So far, they’ve been correct. Considering the robust benefits of these systems, it’s no wonder.

Let’s explore seven of the benefits leading more homeowners than ever to take invest in home security cameras.

1. Deter Criminals

While this may be the most obvious benefit of a video surveillance system in your home, it’s impossible to understate the importance of deterring criminals from breaking into your home. Yes, property theft and damage is on the decline, but a major reason for that is because more houses feature security systems.

A sound security system doesn’t stop at the front door, though. Today, you’ll find companies offering motion-activated cameras for strategic placement around your property. Plus, good security companies offer alarm monitoring services, so you’re never really home alone.

2. Help with Police Investigations

So, a criminal did manage to breach your home. Now what? The first thing that will happen is that the police will start up an investigation.

What better way to help the police out than by giving them access to your surveillance camera footage? Often, this could mean the difference between a criminal roaming free and feeling safe in your own home.

This is also why many surveillance companies recommend getting outdoor and indoor cameras. Plus, most security cams offer infra-red night vision. That way, no burglar will be able to hide in the dark.

3. Help Decrease Crime Rates in Your Neighborhood

Not only can you improve the safety of your home with surveillance cameras, but you can also decrease crime rates throughout the entire neighborhood.

A University of North Carolina Department of Criminal Justice report found that 60% of burglars look for cameras before a break-in. Even better, 40% of them would seek out a different target when faced with a home surveillance system.

4. Knowing What Your Kids are Doing

Many parents are more interested in what their kids are doing inside their homes than what’s going on around their property. Maybe you live in a gated community where you don’t have to worry about criminals, or your kids have broken one too many expensive vases while you’re out shopping for groceries.

Whatever the reason is that you need them, indoor surveillance cameras allow you to keep an eye on what your children are doing inside. Plus, outdoor cams will allow you to check on your kids while they’re playing in the yard from the comfort of your couch.

5. Keeping an Eye on Your Pets

Yet another advantage of indoor surveillance cameras is the ability to peep in on what Fido is doing while you’re on vacation or at work.

Maybe you have an anxious animal who needs attention during the day. Pet sitters can be expensive, especially when you can do it yourself. Never miss out on a minute or work or the family vacation again because you’re worried about how your furry friends are doing at home.

Plus, as you’ll see next, you can also keep an eye on pet sitters if you do decide to hire one. That way, you know exactly how your pricey pet sitter is treating your pets.

6. Watch Over Your Employees

Sometimes, the people you do know are more criminal than those you don’t know. Never is this truer than in the case of your home employees.

We’ve all heard of maids who like to steal from their customers or babysitters who like to take liquor from your collection after the kids go to bed.

Deter your home employees from getting up to no good with an indoor surveillance system. You can catch them on camera and report the criminal activity to the police. Or you could inform your employees about the new changes and give them another chance.

However you prefer to deal with employee crimes, a home surveillance system can help you do it.

7. Pay Lower Insurance Premiums

Yes, you read that right: home insurance companies offer discounts on your monthly premium if you have a surveillance camera system in place. Some insurance companies will offer up to a 20% discount on premiums for homes with:

  • Deadbolts
  • Burglar alarm systems
  • Smoke detectors

Also, filing insurance claims is easier when you take photos after your property is damaged or items go missing. With a high-resolution home surveillance video system in place, you’ll never have to worry about validating your insurance claim again!

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