I was considering investing in an online fitness program recently because if I am being honest I have let things slide a little on the fitness front. I came into 2020 feeling great and I spent the first two months really working on my fitness and installing a healthy lifestyle. Now in the last month I haven’t exactly gone backwards, but I can feel that new year motivation starting to wain. I checked out some reviews online to see if this would be worth my while and whilst reading the Charles D’Angelo reviews I realized that this is most certainly something that could help me, and I am pleased to say that I was right. 

Here is why I would recommend you taking on an online course. 


Just a preface toy all of this about the importance of your fitness, please keep on looking after yourself and looking for ways in which you can lose weight, get fitter and lead a healthy lifestyle. I work in a medical center and the amount of patients who have not looked after themselves is incredible and very hard to see, stay fit and healthy people! 


There were a number o things which kept me motivated once I signed up for an online course, and this was one of the biggest reasons why I signed up in the first place. The money which I spent was a motivation because I really didn’t want to see it go to waste, the daily reminders on my phone were also a nice kick up the butt reminding me that I had to get busy and the general pressure of the online trainer was also a great help in getting me going. 

Full Package 

Something I have really enjoyed about the online course was the all encompassing nature of it, which went over and above a simple workout. The online course is packed with meal prep, hacks, workouts of all varieties and plenty of literature on what we were doing and why. I love this full package approach and it certainly something which has helped me to stay focused and on track. Many will say that you can find all of this information on your own and that may be true, but having it at your fingertips and all under one roof is something which I really enjoy. 


I thought that this would be all autonomous when I first signed up but it really isn’t and the forums are a great place to have a chat with other people who are looking to do the same as you. There are people on there who are the same age and size as me and we chat about meals and progress, it really feels as though you are part of a wider community and I have really enjoyed that, it has also spurred me on to work harder and look better. 

Would you consider an online course?