Anyone can have a pet, but doing everything in your power to take care of your animal can mean the difference between being a fine owner and a great owner. Small things you do in your pet’s daily routine can significantly change their quality of life. Barring any accidents, these changes to your furry best friend’s routine could potentially result in a longer life expectancy. If you want your pet by your side for as long as possible, here are five tips to help you be a more responsible pet owner. Be the pet parent your furry friend deserves by following these tips.

Reduce your pet’s anxiety.

If your pet has anxiety, absolutely anything can seem really intimidating to them. Even though your pet loves you, they can’t help their animalistic, survival instinct: fight or flight. Negative reactions to different social situations need to be viewed with a certain amount of grace. You can’t protect your pet from everything, but you can certainly create as calm and secure an environment as possible. To do this, remove as many stressors as you can. This might mean you don’t get to bring large groups of people over or play loud music. Although that might be disappointing for you, your pet will certainly be grateful.

You can’t completely anxiety proof where you live. Realistically, fireworks happen, and sometimes you need to have other people stay at your place. In moments like this, do what you can to alleviate your pet’s anxiety. Pet Relief CBD Oil is thought to have a calming effect on your pet. With nutrients, good proteins, and omega 3 fatty acids, it may also help with overall health. You can simply add the oil to your dog’s food or to some peanut butter in a treat toy like a kong ball. CBD oil has less than the legal .3 percent of THC, so it won’t produce any psychoactive effects. Just make sure you source your cbd pet tincture from the best cbd oil manufacturers, like SeraLabs. Because of the popularity of cbd and hemp products, you have to be sure that the product is 100% certifiable hemp product with no unnecessary preservatives. If you go with a manufacturer like SeraLabs, you can rest easy knowing your pet is getting the most effective pet relief product on the market. You may notice that with a little extra help, they’ll be feeling less anxious even in stressful situations.

Get active!

Just like people, your pet can really benefit from a little exercise. So, it’s time to get the whole family up and moving. If you have a cat, dog, or horse you can absolutely engage with them physically. You don’t need to be a fitness guru to be active with your pet. If you’re not a yoga pants kind of person, just buy something you can easily move around in.

Jeggings are great for being on the move. They’ve come a long way since they first hit the fashion market. If you wear high quality, secret stretch jeggings, your friends, family, and strangers won’t be the wiser. They’ll just think you picked out a great pair of jeans. If you have to run to a more casual meeting right after walking the dog, you’ll still be comfortable and look amazing in your no-stain white jeggings. Pair the jeggings with a flowy blouse You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style and comfort to keep up with your animal’s energy.

Keep up with those regular visits.

It might be tempting to skip a yearly vet check-up if your pet doesn’t need any shots and is seemingly healthy, but regularly scheduled visits are very important. It creates a baseline for your vet in case something does arise. At a regular vet visit, they may find your pet has an illness that they catch and treat early before it causes permanent damage.

Get your pets spayed or neutered.

Overpopulation is a huge problem in the pet community. It’s the reason there are so many animals looking to be adopted in shelters. Depending on your pet, spaying or neutering may also have health benefits. For example, rabbits and guinea pigs are prone to uterine cancer. Spaying your small mammal can actually elongate its life expectancy.

Safety-proof your home.

There are a lot of common household items that can be dangerous for your pets. Check with your vet that the cleaning solutions you’re using are safe for your animal. You may even want to switch to products with organic ingredients. Make sure that all of the plants in your home are non-toxic to your animals, and remove any ones that are. Do your due diligence to keep everyone in your home safe.