For most people, the beach is a staple part of their summer itinerary. Why wouldn’t it be? Hot sunny days coupled with amazing water and some of the best beaches in the world; meaning that Australians tend to spend a considerable amount of time either revelling on the beach or chilling next to the swimming pool. But this does mean bathers and the need to put your body on show. Which for some people is not a problem at all – but for others, it is a bit more of a concern. With this in mind, what can be done to ensure that when it is time to take off the clothes that embarrassment levels are at a minimum and that you can be proud of what you are putting on a show? Here are a few pointers to help you maximise your exposure to this festive season.

Use swimwear that helps

So much about looking good is about wearing the right clothes – this really isn’t rocket science. If you are very over-weight, then perhaps a tiny Speedo is not the way to go. Michael Phelps can just about pull off the look, but at 150kg, stick to something a little more generous. Or ladies, if you have a slight stomach developing, consider some tummy control swimwear that will help you keep everything nicely in place.

Plan ahead

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that summer is here and that the beach is on the agenda during your holiday. It happened last year and the year before, so it is pretty clear what routine is going to happen this year. So, in anticipation of the shedding of clothes, makes sure that you start getting your body beach-ready well in advance. Running and gym are good places to start. Perhaps a change or two to the diet. It doesn’t need to be drastic. But if you can tone up and shed a few kilograms you will very quickly be on your way to winning..

Beauticians can do wonders

It is quite amazing how transformative good wax can be. We are talking men here especially. As guys get older the hair that once luxuriated on their heads tends to attract friends to the back and shoulders. Granted, this doesn’t apply to all men, but it does apply to many. Very quickly these guys can start to look bears, and while there are some people who find the look attractive, the truth is, they are few and far between. Rather visit the beautician and get it whipped off. It is not nearly as painful as you might think, and it will go a long way to improving your beach look.

Have fun and be comfortable

As much as we have been conditioned to know what a good body looks like, there is still something genuinely attractive about people who are confident in who they are and who can have fun. So, if you recognise that you are not quite in the shape of your life, embrace it. Make peace with your body and then go and let your hair down. If you can achieve that people will notice the joy that you are living with and it is hard not to be drawn to that. Have fun!