If you’re looking for an eyeshadow pencil, a chubby one is your best friend. The pencil style application along with a super creamy eyeshadow texture makes it the perfect combination for you to have. It’s not just a buildable colour, but also bendable which is why it is so easy to apply. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it Infront of the dressing table or if you’re doing it on the go. Given below are four ways by which you can apply your eye pencil that will give colour to your cheeks and last you all day long.

How to use it? 

  • Create a subtle look. For a little hint of colour, you must draw a line with your eyeshadow pencil along the top of your eyelid, and then blend it in an outward manner by using your fingertip to do the same. This will make your eyes look elegant and give it a sophisticated look without looking too much over the top. If you want to complete your day look book, this one is for you. 
  • Go for full on Smokey eyes. If you want a metallic Smokey look, you’ll need to apply the eyeshadow pencil all over your eyelid, blending it outwards. Repeat this process on your lower lash line as well. If you’re looking for a more smouldering effect and finish, apply more colour to the outer corner of the lids so that there is a gradient effect.
  • Line the lashes with a dash of colour. To get a nice dash of colour, use a pencil to draw a smooth line along the eyelid and flick it out towards the edge. After this, gently take it all along your waterline. You can finish this look by using the tip of the pencil to make a thin blue line along the bottom of the lash line. This way you can transform a casual eye makeup look into something that’s an evening one. Playing with eyeshadow shades are very easy once you begin to get the hang of it.
  • Bold is Gold. To make the colour even more out there, try adding a little powdered eyeshadow in the mix. Start by using an eyeshadow brush to apply the dark brown eyeshadow across the lid. After this, use a chubby eye pencil to make it bold and metallic. You can drag the pencil along the lower lash line to make it more prominent and to make it stand out. Put it on top of a lined kajal on the water line to create a bolder effect.

And eyeshadow pencil is just one product, but it can work wonders for your eyes. It’s extremely versatile and with the right primer that gives the eyeshadow staying power, you’re good to use it all day, every day. Eyeshadow pencils can be bought in different shades for different occasions. A lot of times eyeshadow palettes don’t work for people and pencils do. You can only know if you try the MyGlamm collection it has everything from Manish Malhotra to Pose to Lit and the Play collection respectively.