Ever since my early 20s I have wanted one of those smiles that you see in magazines when celebrities flash their pearly whites for the camera. I didn’t care for my teeth very well during my youth and I paid the price for it throughout my 20s, that plus family genetics not exactly being on my side.

When I hit 29 I decided that enough was enough and I would go after that Hollywood smile that I had always wanted. I searched for the perfect dentist and eventually found the brilliant Peter Spennato DDS who assured me that in no time, I could smile with pride the next time a camera came out. Two years on and I love my smile and have a lot more confidence as a result of it. If you want the perfect smile, here are some ways to do it.


If you have great structure when it comes to your teeth but have stained them through the years then you could consider having them whitened or bleached in order to bring back the whiteness in your smile. There are a couple of ways in which a dentist can do this, some opt to whiten your teeth using chemicals, the results can be great but they will only last for a short period time. Another way in which you can whiten your teeth is though the use of laser technology, this will give a cleaner look and last for much longer, with that being said, it is also more costly.


Regardless of your age, you can have your teeth re-shaped in order to give them the look that you are after and there a couple of ways in which a dentist will do this for you. One way is to get metal braces, this involves brackets being placed on your teeth and a metal wire placed through the brackets in order to push your teeth into position. Another way in which this can be done is through using a product such as Invisalign, this works in the same way as metal braces except instead of a brace, you will have a transparent, gum-shield placed across your teeth. Both methods will be able to give your teeth the push that they need to have a better smile and the length of time that you will need treatment will depend on how far your teeth need to move.


Veneers offer an instant fix to your teeth and smile, the process can be costly but has great results. When having veneers placed your dentist will shave down your existing teeth and place porcelain or composite veneers across the top of them giving you a perfect smile. The veneers are strong but may need to be replaced every 10-15 years. This is a costly procedure and after having it done you can never go back to your natural teeth, in spite of this, it is also a procedure which will give you a perfect Hollywood smile in an instant.