Getting into shape is on nearly everybody’s New Year’s resolution only to be dropped come February. The truth is that you do not have to wait until the beginning of a new year to start a new life as far as fitness goes. The best shape of your life can be difficult to achieve especially if you are a bit older and you haven’t hit the gym in a while. The one thing that stops many people trying to reach this goal is some sort of setback or plateau. A setback or plateau can make it difficult to stay motivated and can lead people to quit or get off track. The following are setbacks you can encounter and how to deal with these to stay on track with your fitness goals.


The top thing that can derail someone trying to get into shape is that of injuries. Most injuries can be avoided with proper form and knowing your limits. Overuse injuries should be watched, iced, and workouts should be scaled if you are hitting one part of the body too hard. Getting hurt in a car accident whether you live in Austin or Providence can also derail a fitness routine. Car accidents can hurt a person’s back which can make it almost impossible to squat or deadlift which are two huge staples of many workout programs. Adjusting workouts is all you can do when you are injured but make sure to give the injured part of your body appropriate rest.

Holiday Gym Schedules

Holiday gym schedules are a nightmare for people who like lifting at the same time each day. Routine is important for many fitness fanatics as it makes it easier to go to the gym when you do not want to if it is what you do daily. The gym being closed does not mean you cannot get a workout in as there are multiple other options. Testing out another gym that happens to be open is a great way to do this. Most gyms will give you a few free sessions in hopes of getting you to sign up so take advantage of these. The other option is to turn the world around you into the gym with bodyweight exercises and some high intensity interval training.

Cheat Day Turning Into Cheat Week

Dieting is the most difficult part for many people trying to get into shape. A cheat day can easily turn into a cheat week if you are not careful as it is easy to eat in a unhealthy manner. Cooking in a healthy manner might take more time as none of the ingredients are already made and it avoids processed sugars and carbs. Take full advantage of your cheat day each week so you are not yearning for a certain treat halfway through the week.

Change In Work Schedule

The dreaded change in work schedule can take weeks to get used to professionally but it can also have a negative impact on your fitness goals. Losing a workout partner is a death sentence for many people trying to get into shape as this is their only form of accountability. Try to get in workouts with another person as often as possible and keep your cardio workouts for the times you work out alone. Cardio is easy to get done on your own as a majority of people put in headphones and just try to get through it.

As you can see there are plenty of ways your fitness goals can get off track. The way that you respond to these setbacks will determine whether you reach your goals or not. Stay motivated and achieve all you want from your body!