Let’s take a look at how to choose the right silver fox. Luxurious fur products never go out of style, and every fashionista dreams of becoming the owner of a beautiful fur coat. In this article, we will give you several recommendations on how to choose silver fox fur.

Coming down to a more detailed consideration of the answer to the question of how to choose the right fox fur, among the wide variety of fur products, one can highlight the spectacular fur of a silver fox, called a silver fox fur. Before purchasing a silver fox fur coat, you should carefully consider the product if you are offered a fake one. 

There are times when you can fraudulently receive the fur of a steppe fox or a fox hound for a silver fox fur coat. And to determine what kind of fur it really is, you need to carefully consider the pile of the fur coat itself. In a real silver fox, the fur is painted in three shades of color – it is gray at the base, then white and the black tip. And the fox’s fur, as a rule, has a two-tone color.

You should also pay attention to the weight of the fur coat – it should be a little heavy. Due to the economy of fur and the desire to earn more in artisanal production, the fur is stretched, which increases the distance between the fur. Thus, a fur coat will simply lose its main advantage – keeping warm and warming the body. Also, the weight of a fur product depends on how well it is made, how well it is made, the length of the fur itself, and how well it is insulated. Making an overview on how to choose the right furry costumes for sale, have a look at details analysis between silver fur and arctic fur.

Silver Fox Fur

This motley “donut” does not succumb to frost. The perfect solution for a big party in the middle of winter. It looks luxurious and warm. The long pile color glows with a three-color gradient: black at the root, silver in the middle, and white at the tips. This is a very gross feature, in fact, there are dozens of tones in the range. The more “silver” there is in the skins, the greater the value. Of course, the intricate color is not spoiled by artificial coloring.

Arctic Fox – Furry Heat Cloud

The northern animal is endowed with a relatively uniform color of white, smoky or brown. Often, the fur of the Arctic fox is dyed in more expressive shades.

The intricate structure of the stack keeps you warm. At the base, the hairs curl, creating a cushion of air, and the ends spread out in a fountain. Such a cunning fur device allows the arctic fox to withstand freezing temperatures down to -60 degrees.

What Is The Difference Between The Arctic Fox and Silver Fox?

The silver fox and the arctic fox are divided into many subspecies, which have their own characteristics. Still, the main discrepancies in the coat characteristics of these animals can be identified:

If you think of a global scale of fur. Both types are certainly luxurious but not practical, so they are more classified as evening dresses. On average, products made from arctic fox and silver fox last 5 to 12 winters, depending on care and frequency of use.

Every fashionista would surely love to see a natural silver fox fur coat in her wardrobe! Only now, not every woman can independently determine the quality of the skin and understand whether it is fake or not.

The fur of a silver fox has its own characteristics, which, in principle, distinguish it from its cheap counterparts, which are more clogged on the market today. Knowing at least some of them, you already have a better chance of not “buying” a good fake, and getting something that is really worth it!