An evening gala is a form of business mixed with fun. It is when you’ll see every man and woman in very extravagant clothing to celebrate a formal occasion with co-workers and friends. As with any formal occasion, it sets a very clear list of rules including the party’s theme in choice of dress and color palette. As with any party, it requires preparation. Study up on these tips so that you can be sure to be a memorable and dazzling sight to behold in a night filled with stars around you.

Time to let loose the bling, find the perfect jewlry to bring out the best in you. Learn to accessorize according to your outfit, whether it be necklaces, earrings, bangles, or anything in between, stick to one type so you don’t look like a gypsy fortune teller. Learn to match which material with which in accessorizing your jewelry with your outfit. Not all jewelry can work with any dress. It’s up to your intuition to know which works with what and how much or how little you should wear to the event. Remember: too much is just as bad as too little.

Bring out the best in you

You have the dress and you have the accessories, but of course what matters the most is what’s inside, meaning how you present yourself during the event. It doesn’t hurt to pass by the spa for a half-day of relaxation or to treat yourself to a new hairstyle to match the party’s theme and formality. When it comes to events like these, it’s the little things that count. From the length of your eyelash extensions to the shade of your lipstick, to the perfect manicure. Don’t have time to go to the salon pick from dozens of stunning press-on nail collections. Now you can find the prefect nail color or design to match any outfit. We’ve tried imPRESS Manicure.

Be professional but fun

A lot of evening galas are actually business gatherings. Whether it be a company launch or a charity event, a lot of businessmen and women will be gathering around to discuss work and their connections. But don’t let this be a reason for you to be too straight-laced during the event. It is still a party, and a party should never be without fun. Recognize your superiors and co-workers but show that you yourself can let loose every once in a while. It helps to show that there’s a ‘you’ that people can get to know outside of the workspace. This will not only improve your work relations but boost your self-confidence in dealing with them during work hours.