The T-shirts printing business is expected to boom with a market worth billions by 2025. This impressive market value should never be overlooked. If you’re into T-shirt printing or you’re planning to test the waters, 2022 could be the best year to start.

Let us help you with some T-shirt print inspirations for the latest designs that will boost your startup. Try these top T-shirt design trends.

9 Top T-Shirt Designs to Watch Out for in 2022

What’s in and what’s hot? These are the defining trends in T-shirt designs. These top designs are not just for T-shirts. You can also use these prints on hoodies, jackets, hats, and other top-selling merchandise.

Anime Designs

Anime is timeless with an increasing fan base year after year. As new shows emerge, there are more designs to print. It’s a matter of finding more popular shows as more followers are willing to buy your designs.

Meanwhile, Japanese shirt designs coincide with anime-themed shirts. These designs are simple, classic woodblock prints, calming designs with themes like nature, city life, and rural life.

Cryptocurrency Designs

More and more people are investing in cryptocurrency nowadays. The interest is not just with buying and trading crypto but also with crypto merchandise. People are now collecting cryptocurrency shirts with stunning modern designs and prints. The key is to stay updated on the latest crypto terms and various concepts related to the market to develop the latest cool designs.

Lettering Designs

Another exciting and eye-catching design to use is letterings. Many T-shirt buyers prefer to wear shirts with simple, straightforward designs. Experiment with the many different text styles and fonts for your T-shirt designs. For example, a father’s day shirt would look great in vintage lettering. Meanwhile, girly teens will adore frilly lettering in cool pastel colors.

Minimalistic Designs

Sometimes simple shirt designs look better and are more in-demand than those with bold and colorful styles. This year, some cool minimalistic designs like brush stroke styles, simple texts, and shirts in basic colors will be in-demand.

Psychedelic Designs

Another T-shirt design that’s getting much attention for past decades is psychedelic designs. The psychedelic era, from the mid-1960s up to the mid-1970s, has brought about stunning artistic designs and styles. These over-the-top designs continue to inspire and attract followers to this day. Thus, you cannot overlook this chance to use these designs on your shirts.

Psychedelic designs make more than just cool-looking shirts. These are works of art as well. And when properly marketed, these psychedelic shirts may become the highest-selling in your catalog. 

Retro Designs

Old-school shirt designs are becoming another hot trend that will target moms, dads, and those with old-fashioned styles. Retro company logos like those from Atari, Coca-Cola, Kodak, Apple, Microsoft, and IBM are very popular.

Also, vintage images can make great T-shirt designs. Some great designs are neon signage, vintage cars and home appliances, and the usual retro cartoon characters. Because these designs are very popular, you can expect customers of all ages.

Simple Pastel Color Shirts

Many people prefer to wear pastel-color shirts more than other colors. There’s something relaxing about retro colors compared to stunning regular hues. If you want to feel calm and inspired, a pastel color shirt will bring out a relaxing vibe.

Pastel shirts work for men and women; it’s also the best color style for kids. And what best design goes with these shirts? Try simple, minimalistic designs to match cool pastel colors. The world is your palette for this type of T-shirt design.

Try Some Puns

Use clever saying and sassy puns to create unique and profitable T-shirt designs. The best place to look for updated puns and phrases in social media. There’s always something new, funny, and worth sharing from top social media platforms. You can use these fun puns and captions for your next shirt design.

Some popular pun genres are medical puns, funny wine puns, chemistry puns, and overthinking puns. Lately, therapist puns, food puns, and dad jokes puns are making a comeback.

Cottagecore Designs

Get ready for unusual shirt designs found online in various obscure image boards. Vaporware, cottagecore, and other nature-inspired designs are everywhere, and many are asking for more on the merchandise.

The term cottagecore is from natural colors such as yellow, brown, green, and grays, like farm animals, flowers, fruits, and more. Aside from T-shirts, you’ll find these colors and designs on bags, hats, jackets, and other wearable fashion. Cottagecore may sound unfamiliar to you, but many say it will be a huge hit this 2022.

Final Words

Your tshirts printing business will be an instant hit with these updated designs and stunning prints. It’s always good to have a variety of designs for your business to cater to different customers online and offline.

Whether you’re a budding business or an established brand, Printailor is here to help you reach your goals. It provides unique printed tees at affordable prices with a robust supply chain and expert designers at our disposal. Talk to a representative about your needs today!