Cleaning is one industry that has been seeing a steady increase in its revenue after the Covid-19 pandemic started as everyone is obsessed with maintaining a germ-free environment. And the figure is expected to grow further as no end to the pandemic is in sight yet. Speaking of cleaning, Upholstery cleaner services are getting a lot of attention from customers as due to pandemic most of us are spending a lot of time on our couches which means more dirt.

With cleaning services being higher in demand than ever before, methods of doing business and scaling continue to transform. Amidst this, it’s clear why some of them are finding it hard to decide what services to focus on, which leads them to leave behind their competitors. Here are a few of the reasons why most upholstery and carpet cleaning businesses fail and how you can turn around yours in case you own one:

Avoiding Digital Marketing Platforms: Many business owners avoid making a presence on social media either due to not having enough know-how or money to run a campaign. As a result, they rely on word-of-mouth forms of advertising or wait for customers to call them up. Both of them will pay off but in the meantime, increase your online presence to get one step ahead of your competition.

No Proper Know-how of Reaching Customers: To get more customers, you need to market your services differently than your competitors. Think of different ways to reach your target audience. Consider all possible avenues, including Facebook ads, active Instagram, Twitter, and possibly Youtube, make your website, print flyers, and distribute to your neighbours. The idea is to convince them of the services offered by you. For example, show them how your upholstery cleaner machine is different from your competitors. You can get more potential customers by partnering with real estate agents and property managers.

Not Expanding Your Workforce: Most cleaning companies take up any job that comes their way to earn more money. When you are handling everything on your own, efficiency and productivity tend to decrease after some time. No wonder it can heavily affect your business. To deal with this, hire more personnel and expand your business. While doing so, also buy updated cleaning equipment. Most upholstery cleaner businesses fail because they do not embrace the change.

Not Learning Different Selling Tricks: Selling is an art that you need to master to sustain your upholstery cleaning business. Once you book a customer who wishes to take upholstery cleaner services, you have got yourself an opening; use this to your advantage. You can start by offering a loyalty plan and discounted rates if they want your company to do their cleaning work monthly. Engage in upselling and cross-selling tricks. For example, if you have been called to clean the living room carpet, ask them if there is another upholstery that needs care. Since they have already seen your work, they might as well hire you to do other cleaning jobs.

Overlooking Customer Needs: We all know every business is built and can sustain when your customers are happy. Overlooking customer needs and neglecting their reviews is another reason why most upholstery cleaning businesses fail. For example, your customers may like your cleaning service but not the cleaning shampoo you are using. In this case, you can get non-toxic and eco-friendly shampoo for doing upholstery cleaner tasks.

Having a cleaning business and taking it to new heights is not just a piece of cake. The current global pandemic has affected the growth of many cleaning businesses. Identifying the factors that contributed to their downfall can help your business avoid those mistakes and still get more customers in 2022.