For generations beards have been considered something of a status symbol among men all over the world. Different cultures have considered them a sign of manliness, strength, virility, social status and wisdom, and they have even been publicly removed as a form of punishment in some communities.

Today, Western society views beards are more of a fashion statement that a status symbol, but they still retain positive connotations of manliness and wisdom. They’re also extremely popular among modern entrepreneurs, particularly those in disruptive businesses or less corporate settings (think of the likes of Steve Jobs, Alan Sugar, Elon Musk or Richard Branson).

In the UK, beards are more popular than they’ve ever been, with over half of UK males sporting some kind of facial hair (52%), a percentage that rises to 57% for those living in the capital. But what are the most popular beard styles in the UK or the rest of the world? How do men feel when they grow a beard, and how do the women in their lives tend to react to it? It all depends on the bestgroomingtips they use!

This new infographic from Jacamo looks at the modern phenomenon of beards, and charts the most popular styles from the UK and internationally. It also includes some interesting statistics on how men in the UK feel about their beards, and even gives us some useful advice on growing and maintaining your own facial hair: