Despite the awareness which so many smokers have around the dangers of their habit, kicking cigarettes is far from easy. In fact, many ex-smokers admit to having attempted to quit multiple times before they were eventually able to break the habit. As well as having more information than ever before about the dangers of smoking, smokers also have access to more tools and aids which they can lean on to help them break the routine and live a smoke-free life. If you are thinking about quitting, then here are 3 methods which will be able to help you out. 

Nicotine Pouches

Whilst nicotine is incredibly addictive, relatively speaking it is nowhere near as unsafe or unhealthy as so many of the chemicals which you will find inside a cigarette. This is why many opt to continue to use nicotine products, which do not contain the harmful concoction of chemicals which are found in cigarettes. Some will use the likes of a nicotine pouch to bridge the gap between quitting, and others will use them as a replacement for cigarettes. Nicotine pouches in the UK are designed to be used by placing a small amount of the powder under the lip, which will then be absorbed into the body. This is a sleek and scentless replacement to cigarettes which is far less harmful to your health.

Nicotine Patches 

There are multiple aspects of smoking which become habitual and hard to break, but in the early days of quitting it is the chemical addiction which is the most challenging, an addiction to nicotine. This is why so many people rely on the use of nicotine patches to help them break this addiction over the first 3 months. Nicotine patches are designed to replace the nicotine which enters the body, and gradually lowers the amount of nicotine over time. This helps wean the body off the addictive substance nicotine and supports them in living a life free from cigarettes. 


In recent years we have seen a rise in the use of a medication called Varenicline for smoking cessation. This medication will be managed by a nurse or medical professional and is taken over a duration of 3 months. The idea of the medication is to almost re-wire the brain into being disgusted by the taste of smoking, so that the smoker can find quitting easier. It is recommended that tablets are taken whilst the person is still smoking, and they will continue to do so for between 10-14 days, at which point they will stop smoking. Tablets will continue to be taken morning and night until the 3 month point, when the medication will be stopped. There are some side effects to consider here which is exactly why you should speak with a medical expert if this is going to be your method of choice for stopping smoking. 

There is a great deal of support available out there so if you do want to quit and you aren’t sure how, be sure to visit stop smoking websites and forums which can offer you help.