Beach time is the best time, that’s just a fact. Even if you prefer different types of pastimes, the beach is still something worth doing at least once in a lifetime. However, the environment is in a pretty dire state all over the world, and beaches often suffer the most due to industrial plastic waste and the waste tourists leave behind. Therefore, if you’ve been planning to visit a beach sometime soon, it’s important to stay eco-conscious and considerate of your surroundings. So for that reason, here are some amazing must-haves for the ultimate eco-friendly beach trip. 

1. An eco-friendly sunscreen 

Protecting your skin while lounging in the sun should be your top priority at all times. Even if the beach you plan to visit has plenty of shade, it’s still important to wear proper sunscreen that will keep you safe from harmful UVA and UVB lights. Chemical sunscreens often cause a chemical reaction, which is why it’s best to opt for a mineral sunscreen instead. This type of sunscreen physically blocks the sun rays from getting into your skin, which makes it a better option. 

2. A recycled beach towel 

Buying new things for the beach can cause more consumption and waste in the long run. Therefore, using the quality towel you already own is a perfect alternative. And if you don’t owe towels suitable for the beach, then it would be smart to purchase an eco-friendly one made from recycled fabrics. Some brands prefer to make towels from landfill-recycled plastic, so if environmental issues are close to your heart, then feel free to research such brands and treat yourself to a quality-made eco-friendly towel. 

3. Something nice to wear 

Showing off your beach body is amazing, especially if you’ve invested some effort to look good. But, in order to look even better, it’s important to have something nice to wear at the beach. Bathing suits are often the easiest choice, however, not all of them are made with the environment in mind. Therefore, you should make sure to find the proper sustainable swimwear made of recycled materials that are also comfortable to wear. Choosing eco-friendly beach clothes is a sure way to make your beach trip a little greener. 

4. Eco-friendly beach toys 

In case you plan to bring your own kids to the beach, then it’s essential to find eco-friendly beach toys as well. Before you buy any beach toys, make sure that they’re certified eco-friendly, meaning they’re biodegradable and made of recycled materials. There are a lot of brands using bamboo fiber, rubberwood, and recycled plastic, which makes them great for some green beach fun time! Also, using such toys will teach your kids the importance of eco-consciousness which is probably one of the most important life lessons for them to learn. 

5. A sustainable beach bag

Since you’re probably bringing some items to the beach, then make sure to bring them in a sustainably-made beach bag. Some brands even make such bags from recycled sails, which is the perfect fit for any avid beachgoer. Besides the beach bag, it’s also important to bring garbage bags, so you’ll be able to pick up the leftover foods, paper towels, and other waste that you’ve collected for the duration of your stay at the beach. Cleaning after yourself is the ultimate beach rule, especially if you want to be respectful of the environment. 

In conclusion

Being mindful of the environment is the best way to ensure its well-being. Beaches are often at the receiving end of collective environmental neglect, which is why it’s essential to keep them clean. These items will definitely help you have an eco-friendly beach trip, filled with wonderful moments that you’ll always remember.