“Family that Travels Together Stays Together!”

Too cliché, isn’t it? Well, however cliché and used line it may sound, it holds the similar amount of truth too. Occasional family vacations are much needed from time to time. One of the major reasons being – we all are getting engrossed in our individual lives so much that we tend to forget that we have a family. But our family is the one who binds us and keeps us sane by the end of the day.

‘Work, Work, and more Work’ should not be your mantra 24*7, 365 days! Take a break from your monotonous life of work-home-work. Take a deep breath under the English sky, have deep sea dive in the Havanas, bungee jump from a height – basically plan a trip with your family where you can spend some quality time with them. So, if we are able to convince you, below are some tips and tricks you should keep in mind before you land up to another country.

  1. Prepare a Checklist

Just in case you don’t forget the most essential things – the necessary documents, you must prepare a checklist for the same. From the visas and passports to the identity cards, prescription papers, tickets, and accommodation details, you must carry every essential in a different small bag. If you were alone, things might have been possible for you to manage, but when travelling with your family, these minor things can become a headache later on.

  1. Know the Basics

With basics we mean you must be aware of the culture, currencies – exchange rate, and a few basic words of the foreign language. These basic things will help you deal smartly and in a better way. It is not always that you will meet thugs or get fooled by strangers. But knowing basic words and especially the currency exchange rates will not only save you from getting fooled but will also let you put a hold on your expenditures too.

  1. Pack Light

Well, this goes for non-international trips also. However, when travelling abroad with family, you have to be cautious and not stuff everything in your bag. Since you have kids and family to watch for, you certainly don’t want to get distracted with luggage and petty jobs.

  1. Don’t Forget Travel Insurance

Before anything, the safety of your family is the most important part when it comes to travelling abroad. Therefore, before you pack or prepare for anything else, get yourself a travel insurance plan to secure your trip. This insurance can benefit you and your family during your travel escapade and will also be a lot of help if at all any mis-happening occurs. Put simply; you will be financially secured against trip cancellations, baggage loss/theft, flight cancellations, emergency accommodations and so forth. Also, the best part is that these plans are all available online. Therefore, you can easily go through the details and compare each travel insurance plan to know which one is the best-suited option for you and your family. Ultimately, it is the family and togetherness that counts.

Some Additional Tips:

  • Packing light can be done easily if you make a separate luggage for each person as this will lessen the burden on one shoulder plus easy to manage too

  • Instead of packing your heavy jacket – wear it at the time of boarding this will save the luggage weight

  • Don’t forget to pack winter wears even if when travelling to a cold country – since you never know about the weather and can never predict about the same

  • Don’t unnecessarily pack everything in the name of “emergency”. Know what things you will be able to manage and what is really important to carry, make smart decisions

So, these were some tricks and tips that one must follow and make it a mantra when travelling abroad with family. Why specifically abroad? Well, because in your own motherland it becomes easy to communicate and seek help. It is when you step out of your comfort zone that things complicate or becomes uneasy.

Even a minor issue could lead to discomfort. And a solo person would even be able to manage for once, but when with family you need to be ultra-careful. We definitely don’t want to scare you, but this is something that will make your vacation with your family much more fruitful and successful. Happy Journey!