With the latest gaming gear in sight, you might wonder why go old-school? No doubt, PC gaming doesn’t ever lose its taste, even when everything else does. If you’re one of those people who gamed heavily in the 90s, then you’d know the pleasure of typing way on that chunky keyboard and clicking away frantically to shoot the right target at the right time. Nowadays, most games are played online and require a super-fast internet connection like Cox internet speed, for instance, to function flawlessly. However, you can play the following PC games with or without network access. They are timeless classics that never get old. Let’s dive into the best PC games below that keep even the most high-end players engaged.

GTA: San Andreas

Resealed way back in 2004, Grand Theft Auto is an open-world game that takes you into the heart of San Andreas, where you can choose to fulfill missions as they come one after the other or randomly roam the streets having fun. It has fairly easy controls, based on keyboard direction keys and mouse movements. Developed by Rockstar North, GTA: San Andreas is still popular today and available on Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, and Android devices.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Yes, besides the Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation, you can get this game on PC, on which it was initially released. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim transports you back to the dark ages – full of magical wonders, horrible monsters, and supreme dragons. So, if you like an adventure through the mysterious world of Skyrim, and a perilous journey to slay a world-eating creature, then this is the game for you.


Does Black Mesa Research Facility ring a bell? Yes, it is the notorious setting for the Half-Life video game series, in which scientists accidentally rip open the space-time continuum, tap into another dimension and trigger an alien attack of vast proportions. You get to control the physicist Gordon Freeman, solve technical puzzles and fight through scripted sequences. Half-Life’s storytelling is one of the most popular among PC-players. Comparable titles? You can name Counter-Strike and Call of Duty. And the best part is that hacks can enhance all your playing experiences. If you use them the right way and under the right circumstances, you will have a great time. Good examples are these IWantCheats Warzone for Call of Duty.

The Sims

Life doesn’t go the way you want it to, most of the time, but in The Sims, you can turn this around and experience absolute control over circumstances and characters. This video game by Electronic Arts simulates real life, lets you create an avatar, engage with other Sims, construct a house, find love, start a family, polish skills, do a job and basically, live the perfect life virtually, of course. This PC game is available on other platforms as well and gives memorable gameplay without a doubt.

Diablo II

Finding a good RPG is difficult, but Diablo II manages to win there with its hack-and-slash gameplay that excites thoroughly and burns into sight permanently (in a good way). Developed by Blizzard back in 2000, this PC game brings a dark fantasy and dark horror theme to the table, progressing through four chapters or ‘Acts’. You have to complete quests in each chapter before moving on to the next. Each quest is lined with hidden treasures or ‘loot’, macabre dungeons, monsters, and an overall gothic experience. Diablo II has been described as one of the best video games ever, which is why it’s on our timeless classics list.

Fallout: New Vegas

Time for a post-apocalyptic number! Fallout: New Vegas stands out from the rest of the series because of its improved gameplay, alternate journeys, branching pathways, and strong character definition. The story begins in the Mojave Desert, hundreds of years after the bombs initially fell and turned the world into a wasteland. You get to play Courier, who is ambushed in the desert while transporting a package, and then must begin a journey to retrieve the said package, while making friends and enemies in the process. The controls of Fallout: New Vegas are seamless, so much so that the game received an “RPG of the Year” award too back in 2011, a year after it came out. The open apocalyptic world makes this game super-suitable for PCs.

The Curse of Monkey Island

Aye, aye matey, we do have a pirate game for you on our list. The Curse of Monkey Island is a point-and-click adventure game that rolled out in 1997 and was developed by LucasArts. This video game has a lighthearted feel to it, more cartoonish-graphics, and sillier characters. You play as Guybrush Threepwood, a wannabe pirate, who has to go through several tough situations and face multiple adversaries to turn his cursed fiancé, turned into a golden statue due to a cursed diamond ring, back into a human. This tale of lost love and saving a damsel in distress makes for a jolly good time. 

Wrapping Up

PC games have a flavor of their own, without a doubt. Though they can’t compete well with the latest titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Last of Us 2, the games covered in this post do manage to find a warm spot in your heart, even after all these years.