Ever since I started blogging, I have been trying to really hone my video editing skills. I always liked the idea of uploading videos to my YouTube channel and my social media pages, showcasing things like thoughts, travels, cool places and fun times. The problem however, which I have had ever since I started making videos, was my inability to be able to edit them well enough. The importance of a professional video in this day and age is huge and every editing tool that I tried just seemed to be too technical for me. Last year a friend introduced me to Movavi, a video editor which helped me to create some great pieces of content, without too much confusion at all. I really love this editor and here is why.


The first reason that I fell in love with this editor is because the software just makes the whole process of editing very simple. The basic premise of an editor is that you upload your file, cut and tweak the video, add some cool extras and hey presto, most editors make it far too complicated however, with Movavi that is not the case. This is not to say that the product is simple in the results it gives however, the editor manages to be easy to use, and give professional results.

Animations and Special Effects

This video editor has a huge amount of special effects which you can add to your video, over 160 in fact, as well as plenty of really cool and funny animations which you can add to compliment your video. When people view your video, they want something which will keep them interested and for that reason I love to play around with these extra features which Movavi offers. Once again, the animations and effects look great and they are easy enough for a technophobe like myself to add into my video.


Once I finish editing my videos, I like to put them straight on to YouTube and another feature which Movavi offers is the ability to upload your video straight from the program, to your YouTube channel. This is not a groundbreaking addition but it is small touches like this which this piece of software does so well.


On the rare occasion that I have been stuck with something on the program, the help wizard that is in-built, is absolutely great for fixing issues quickly and clearly. As someone who doesn’t really understand too much jargon when it comes to this kind of thing, the way in which the wizard helps you out is absolutely perfect and you can fix issues in no time at all.


For me, Movavi is the ultimate video editor and using the software you can create beautiful and high quality videos with consummate ease. From the usability to the huge range of options and the simplicity of the whole thing, this is definitely a video editor which I would recommend that you start using.