The business world today is moving at speeds that only a few decades earlier no one could have imagined. Companies can start today and become worldwide enterprises in no time and compete globally from the outset.

Along with this increased speed comes the need to create different types of organizations, ones that are prepared to move quickly and to interact with vendors, strategic partners and customers in new and more intimate ways. It seems as if everything is connected now and these connections mean that transparency and dependency are at the forefront of business success.

The internet has brought down borders and walls between customers and companies. Today no matter where company is, that company can solicit customers in any corner of the world. The new small companies looking to gain a foothold in any industry need to appreciate that it competition is now global. For instance, a provider of homeopathic treatments located in Iowa might find that its biggest competitor resides halfway around the world in Thailand. And that company might be a three-person operation that is doing millions of dollars in business because they have set up an amazing supply chain, sales infrastructure, and vendor network.

Since much of how business used to be done is now being outsourced, the focus needs to be on positioning your brand and your products uniquely and powerfully with your customers. As a result, marketing takes center stage. Companies must adopt a marketing strategy that takes advantage of this internet connected world while also keeping in mind that many traditional marketing strategies remain effective.

Here is an example of marketing strategies companies can utilize in an Internet connected world that produce great returns.

Trade Shows

Trade shows offer the chance for companies to congregate with industry peers, competitors, suppliers, strategic partners and of course customers. They all come together and IT industry event where new products are introduced and companies get the chance to make first class presentations of the brands and products.

If your companies in an industry where there are prominent trade shows, you definitely need to participate and to do it in a way that positions your company favorably. To take advantage of the trade show environment, purchase a custom trade show display. The extra money that you spend buying custom will pay off as more people walking the trade show floor will be attracted to your booth.

Build a multimedia and Interactive trade show display and make sure that the employees who occupy your booth are welcoming and informative. With the right look, feel, and sounds, your booth will be enticing and attract groups of people want to know more about your company and your products. You can also connect your Booth turn online website that provides even more information about your company’s products and offers those who come by discounts and special prizes.

SEO Marketing

There’s no more important online marketing then search engine optimization or SEO. When most people search for a topic online, they utilize a search engine like Google. Then put keywords and the search engine returns websites or articles that feature those keywords. Companies like Google use formulas to determine which websites will be at the top of the search, SEO utilizes a group of tools and strategies to position a companies what page near the top of a search. This category of online marketing is extremely complicated and the best advice is to hire an expert SEO firm to help your company’s web pages attain a high position on search engines. Using SEO, your company can get much more web traffic that translates to increase sales.

Every company should we utilize traditional and online marketing strategies in their business. This approach creates a chance for your company to capture new customers no matter where they are or what they’re doing.