It can be incredibly frustrating when you put a lot of time, effort and money into conversion rate optimisation (CRO) techniques but do not get the results that you were hoping for. Do you have pages that are simply not performing that well, but you don’t know why? The chances are that you are making a few CRO mistakes and may not even realise it. 

As experts in Google AdWords management and conversion rate optimisation services in Sydney, we’re here to offer you some very useful advice regarding the CRO mistakes you’re probably making. Let’s get started!

Only Relying On Split Testing

Split testing, or A/B testing, is something that is very popular when it comes to CRO. It gives digital marketers an idea of which page is more effective. But if you solely rely on this type of testing, you could find that you will not get the results you are really after. It is also important to look at the length of your tests and what the variables are when creating effective A/B tests.

Your Tracking Settings Aren’t Set Up

While you may be able to see how much traffic you’re getting, you are not going to be able to see where this traffic is coming from if you do not set up your tracking settings. Having tracking settings in place and being able to look at as many metrics as possible will help you to refine your landing pages and know where to focus your efforts.

You Are Running Tests At The Wrong Times

Did you know that time, day of the week and season all play a big role in the results of your tests? You need to put your tests into the context of when they are being posted and how your target audience may respond to them. You may need to do some market research to understand seasonality a little better if this is something you struggle with.

While this may not seem like a big mistake, it can really affect your CRO results.

You Don’t Enhance The Pages That Are Already Doing Well

When a page is doing well, it is very easy to get into the habit of just leaving it be. But what you should actually be doing is looking for ways to enhance these pages so that they do especially well and bring in even more traffic. You could get a lot out of simply focusing on your effective pages than by constantly creating new pages.

Pay a little more attention to your pages that are bringing in loads of traffic. They could bring in more!

You Don’t Optimise For Website Speed Or Mobile Accessibility

You may have created an excellent landing page and are now left wondering why you are not achieving the results that you expected this page to achieve. Well, have you thought about the possibility that your page could be taking too long to load or it is not mobile-friendly? These may seem like incredibly minor issues, but they can affect your page results in a big way. These are actually two of the most common mistakes when it comes to CRO.

You’re Not Actually Too Sure What You Are Doing

Many business owners attempt to handle all of their digital marketing even if they are not too sure what they are doing. CRO is actually quite complex and takes experience and in-depth knowledge if you want to achieve the best results. If you are someone who is not all that clued up on CRO and digital marketing techniques, you are bound to make loads of digital marketing errors and mistakes. 

If you want to see results, it would be far better to invest in professional conversion rate optimisation services in Sydney. This also frees up your time so that you can focus on other vital aspects of your business.

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