Sporty, vibrant, and fresh with a touch of whimsy. 

That’s what you can expect when it comes to trends for kids clothing in 2019. From Paris to London, certain fabrics and themes are dominating the fashion scene for little ones.

These include bold primary colors as well as pastels and various shades of pink. Pre-washed colors will also prove big this year as well as vintage-inspired cuts and combinations. 

Athleisure is also enjoying a big moment when it comes to kids. This means pieces that feel comfortable and will grow with your children.

What does all of this mean for your kids? First and foremost, retire those black and white pieces!

Then, get ready for a world of vibrant hues that dazzle and bring energy to kids’ wardrobes. Ready to learn more about spring 2019 fashion trends? Here’s what your kids want to wear now.

Fabric Fashion Trends Spring 2019

There’s nothing like the boost of confidence that comes with putting on a great outfit. And 2019 is all about pieces that exude a sense of boldness and playfulness when it comes to fashion for kids. 

How does this translate into actual wardrobe items? Here’s a breakdown of what to look for when shopping for your kids. 

Besides total color saturation, certain fabrics will dominate the scene. These include:

  • Linen
  • Natural cotton
  • Terry

To help your kids rock this trend, think texture and interesting fabrics. Organic fabrics also prove an important part of this fashion-forward look. 

Why You Should Go Organic

An increased focus on organic fabrics will also dictate what you find on the racks of your favorite kids’ clothing stores. What’s more, organic fabrics have come a long way in terms of affordability and cute design appeal in recent years. 

But there’s much more to this trend than just appearance. It also represents a healthier alternative for your kids and the planet. 

Not only does buying organic ensure you get pieces that are perfect for the season, but you’ll help support more sustainable fashion, too. What better way to make sure your kids wear healthy fabrics while setting a fashion responsible example?

In terms of color, it’s all about being bright and bold. But the number one hue redefining 2019 will be yellow. Get ready for everything from canary yellow to muted mustard.

These pops of yellow will add a funky touch to your kids’ outfits. What’s more, prepare to see yellow everywhere. From swimwear to dresses, t-shirts to sneakers, and more. 

Fashion Forward Themes for 2019

If your kids are looking for a surefire way to stay on trend this season, they can’t go wrong with sporty tailoring. Athleticism will remain a major theme throughout the spring and into the summer.

What’s more, details such as lightweight, performance fabrics, and elastic finishes will ensure your kids stay comfortable. 

This season’s kids fashion will also prove both whimsical and down-to-earth. Look for fun elements such as ruffles and flounces. Ruffles will be huge for girls this year and found in just about every style you can imagine.

Lace will also remain an important wardrobe staple for little girls.  

Another trendy theme that’ll predominate this year is embroidery. Look for fun, eclectic adornments that add a one-of-a-kind element to your kids’ clothing. Get a head start by checking out the girls’ collection at Nickis

More Fun Trends to Watch Out For

You’ll also see lots of fringe this season adorning both girls and boys clothing. It’s a fun trend that channels the Wild West and Woodstock. It started with the women’s clothing scene this past winter and is expanding to include kiddos, too. 

Prints will also prove big this year. Look for pieces featuring rainbows, messages, and Emojis to stay on the cutting edge of current fashion. 

For girls, florals will prove huge this year, and they’re not resigned simply to clothing. Look for printed sneakers that combine the athletic trend with a focus on quirky prints. We especially love floral sneakers paired with matching floral dresses. 

For boys, you’ll also find a wide variety of fun printed sneakers from dinosaurs to African wildlife. Pair these shoes with shirts that echo the same animal theme, and you’ll have an eclectic look that they’ll adore.

And don’t forget about graphic prints. They’ll continue to reign in 2019 and will add an edgier element to kids’ wardrobes. The most on-point looks will fall at the intersection between graphic lines and vibrant colors. 

Vintage Inspiration

From Atelier Barn to Paade Mode, get ready for tailoring with a decidedly vintage flair. These pieces will evoke a timeless innocence that emphasizes the energy and curiosity exemplified in children.

In a wide range of colors and old-fashioned cuts, they take inspiration from natural landscapes. Some also exude a bohemian feel. Fashion for kids will also personify positive energy and optimism as well as peace and love. 

Many of today’s designers are also placing more focus on the impact that fashion has on the environment and communities around the world. This is reflected in a continued multicultural focus based around simple lines and comfortable cuts. 

The Latest Trends for Kids

From vibrant palettes to funky prints and the comfort of athletic wear, kids have lots of fun options for spring 2019. Your kids will also shine in boho-inspired pieces and organic fabrics featuring luscious textures and eco-friendly production methods.

And don’t forget about the sneakers! Cool printed sneakers are enjoying a big moment right now. They combine comfort, functionality, and serious pizazz. 

As you can see, you’ve got lots of cool options this year. Which trends for kids will your little ones give a try first?

Many of these fashion options also apply to older kids and teens. So, don’t forget the athleisure wear and vibrant prints when it comes to their wardrobes. 

In fact, floral prints and jewel tones will remain huge this year, especially when it comes to prom gowns. Read on to find out more about why you should let your daughter attend the prom